How to make a Softtail Bagger

   In the ever changing world of Motorcycle Customization, one of the big trends is adding Touring Bags to the Softtail line. Let’s face it, the Hard Bags The Motor Company offers for The Softtail Family just don’t look right. That is why K and G Cycles ( has found a set of bags that install easily and give you the look you’ve been wanting.

   The HT Series HRIDE-HT ST KITard Saddlebags for Harley Softtail Models (Standard, Deluxe, Heritage, Fat Boy) Combo package includes HT Series saddlebags and our Softtail Bagger Conversion Kit. This includes everything you need to convert your Softtail to a bagger with ease! The HT Saddlebags are a full size touring bag, featuring a triple ribbed design, making the bags extra durable! The bags come equipped with all hardware (latches, locks, etc). Unlike our competitors, our latches are metal, not ABS.

   Included with this package is the Softtail Conversion Brackets which enable you to install HT bags to your Softtail with little fuss. This heavy duty conversion kit fits all Softtail models except the Deuce & Slim. The bracket uses the two fender bolts (9.25″ center to center) on your Softtail for support. Included with your purchase you will receive one pair of HT Series saddlebags (left + right), as well as one pair of Softtail Conversion Brackets (left + right).

So when the time comes to transform your motorcycle into the Custom Ride you want, make sure you stop by K and G Cycles ( and pick up a set of Touring Bags and everything required to install them. You will be glad you did.

Important: The exhaust pipe must hang below the rear axle in order to use the conversion brackets. Turn signals will also need to be relocated (except on the deluxe model).

Replace Your Stock Windshield with a Custom Model from Bores

Has it ever occurred to you your “Custom” Accessory may not be so custom after all? Well that is about to change! Recently K and G Cycles ( partnered with Bores Manufacturing to bring to you what we think is one of the hottest new accessories since the Fall of The Berlin Wall. With everyone replacing the windshield in favor of a shorter one, a flip one, one with a design on it and so on, we are going to take it a bit further. Bores Mfg. is making motorcycle windshields for Batwing Fairing H-D’s out of 304 Stainless Steel. I know you are saying, “Stainless? Really?” Yep.

   Polished to a mirror likBR-Stainlesse finish, this new design windshield is on the shorter side of things. Coming in at 4.5″ above the top of the outer fairing, you shouldn’t expect a large amount of wind deflection. This is in part because the windshields have to remain short as they are not see though and any increased height could impair visibility.What you can expect is a large amount of admirers wanting to know where you got such a killer windshield. If the beautiful plain finish isn’t enough, take note you can purchase 3 additional designs.

1) A winged skull design

2) A slick tribal pinstriped design

3) A Standing Eagle design

stainless windshield   For those of you seeking to widen the margin between you and the other guy, you can even have custom custom logos cut for a an additional fee. This is great for Clubs, Charity Rides, or Ride Groups that want to be recognized. How cool would it be to pull up on your pride and joy to your next ride and set the bar with a custom windshield sporting a custom logo. The possibilities are endless – Family Crest, Heritage Icons, Patriotic Symbols, Sports Logos, you name it, you can have the design on your new custom windshield.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mirror Finish – Type 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fits all Batwing style fairings for Harley-Davidson
  • Laser cut and pre-formed for quality fit
  • Size: 4.5″ (exposed)
  • Fits: 1996 – 2014

  In a world of clones, we do what we can to be different. A little more chrome here, some sweet wheels there, custom pin striping, and effect lighting still doesn’t guarantee us a unique ride. We have to search out the truly unique accessories that will take our bike over the top. At K and G Cycles ( we believe personalizing your motorcycle is as much a part of owning it as is fueling and maintenance. Add a real custom touch with one of these stainless steel windshield from Bores Mfg, available from K and G Cycles.

Make Sure you have enough for that Luggage with a new Rack

   Without a doubt we could all use a little more storage space when it comes to motorcycling and packing. It doesn’t matter if you have a Touring bike,or a Sportster, we all need more! The Team at K and G Cycles ( is full of motorcycle enthusiast and we can relate to your concerns so we are proud to offer you alternative options that allow you increased storage. Take a look at just a few of the options available.

   Do you own a Road King aRoad King rack TR-492098 nd want to add a little cargo carrying capability? Look no further than this luggage rack (Part # TR-492098) that mounts to a 2-up sissy bar on 1997-2008 models. Constructed of heavy-duty 5/8″ tubing, and slathered in a show quality chrome finish, this rack is easy on the eyes. For ease of installation, this rack attaches to the detachable 2-up backrest using machined billet aluminum mounting blocks. Going above and beyond, it even comes with tie down hooks which can be secured to this rack in almost any angle combination needed. Everything you need to attach this unit to your motorcycle is included as well as the necessary instructions simplifying installation and giving you an end result of more storage.

   Part # 50-0589 is for Sportster ownxl-lugage-rack1ers that already have a backrest. They can easily add a luggage rack and increase the cargo carrying capability of their bike. This chrome luggage rack bolts on to side plates of your existing sissy bar allowing you to utilize the popular 2-piece bags and have a ton of storage. For lighter runs, it is a great place for a classic roll bag to tag along. For best fit and easiest installation, the inside width between the mounting brackets is 5-3/4″. This luggage rack is designed to carry loads that weigh 10 pounds or less. Translation, you have more storage possibilities.

   If your ride is anfxst rack FX Softtail, and you want to keep the lines clean, than check out Part # 50-2071, a luggage rack designed for bikes with bobbed tail fenders. This rack doesn’t require you to have a sissy bar for support because it attaches to the rear fender, and follows the sweeping lines so it isn’t an eyesore. When used in conjunction with a sissy bar, any bags you hang from a sissy bar, won’t ride on the fender and damage the paint. So the addition of this fender rack means increased storage whether it is used by itself or with a sissy bar.

   Adding more storage possibilities to your bike is easily done when you check out the options K and G Cycles (www, has for you. No matter what bike you ride, there are choices out there for you. Take a look and order one up before the new season gets here.

Royal Blue Cleaning Products! Big Results in a Small Package

   When it comes to caring for our motorcycles there is an overwhelming amount of cleaning and detailing products available. How do you sort through the sea bottles that claim they are the best and do this and that? You let K and G Cycles ( do the research, identify the manufacturers that bring a quality product to the table, and determine which companies supply the best customer service. Without either one of those qualities we may as well be buying those supplies out of someones trunk or at the end of the freeway off ramp. We take the guess work out of your purchase by only offering proven products that you can trust.

   Developed in a working Detail Shop, Royal Blue Wax was designed to be a product that is easy to use, delivers high quality results, while giving you the maximum protection for your investment. Looking to simplify the detailing process, a Wash and Wax product and a Wax and Clean product was developed to streamline your detailing process so you can spend more time doing what you love – Riding.

Take a look at the Royal Blue Wax products we are now proudly carrying:

RBW-Wash n wax  Royal Blue Motorcycle Wash & Wax – Royal Blue Carnauba wash foams away dirt, grime, and grease without compromising the wax protection. This leaves your vehicle as shiny and smooth as the last time you waxed it. Conditioners inside the patented formula moisturize the paint, revealing brighter colors and more clarity, extending the life of your finish. The Wash and Wax from Royal Blue is PH balanced as well as non-detergent based therefore it reduces water spots and protects against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Infused with Royal Blue Carnauba Wax, the wash provides another layer of protection every time you use it, creating a strong barrier to keep out harsh elements that makes cleanup from bugs and birds much easier.

RBW-cleaner-wax   Royal Blue Motorcycle Wax and Cleaner in One  – Royal Blue Carnauba Wax is a one step process that delivers professional high gloss results. Simply wipe it on and wipe it off. At the same time, you wipe off years of oxidation and discoloration, leaving behind a beautiful protective wax coating that lasts six months with each application. Since it contains no clay fillers, you never have to worry about scrubbing for hours to remove the wax. Whether it’s wet n’ hazy or dry, it’s easy on and easy off! Royal Blue Wax and Cleaner is non-abrasive and formulated for multiple surfaces – clear coat, gel coat, fiberglass, and even safe dealer-added coatings.

RBW-Spray-Detailer   Royal Blue Motorcycle Spray Detailer – The Royal Blue Spray Detailer is finally here and we’re excited for you to try it out! This is Royal Blue’s newest product! The Spray Detailer is clear coat safe, it will remove dust, annoying fingerprints and harmful contaminants before they have a chance to damage your paint and finish. This is a great product to use between major cleanings because it is such a simple product to use and the results are BIG! With its easy to use formula, all you need to do is spray it on the desired area to be cleaned and wipe it off. Royal Blue Spray Detailer will leave your ride standing taller than the Empire State Building.

   When it comes time to purchase your cleaning supplies you need to look for quality, efficiency and results. Royal Blue Motorcycle Cleaners and Waxes are available at K and G Cycles (www, and deliver the results you desire. Order your up today and see how easy it is to have a fine looking ride in no time flat.

Adding Cool LED Accent Lighting to your Bike

   We all try hard to make our bike stand apart from the next by adding all sorts of accessories. With as many Aftermarket Manufacturers as there are, you would think it it would be a pretty easy task, think again. That is why I am going to address Show Lighting Kits and L.E.D. Strip Lighting from K and G Cycles ( and the difference it can make to your bike.

   Let’s begin by exploled podsring the world of Cluster or Pod lighting. These systems usually contain 4-6 lighting modules that can often be found in Chrome or Black housings. For those seeking more accent lighting, many kits have expansion capabilities. They will also come in a standard array of colors: Blue, Purple, Orange/Amber, Green, Red, Yellow, and White. Most pod sets are self adhesive and will come with some type of control unit that can control intensity, strobe, and fade functions. The most popular places to mount the modules are under the tank, rear fender, oil tank/battery box area, and front fender. When additional pods are available, it seems a very popular place in the bottom side of the frame. Due to the fact most of these lighting pods are L.E.D. lights, that means there is minimal electrical draw so the system is not taxed very much.

   Now we will take a looled stripsk at L.E.D. strip lighting. This style of lighting is just that – strips of L.E.D. lights that can follow virtually any curve and can be trimmed to the desired length. Since most kits feature both single and multi-strip configurations, there is no doubt a kit for you. Color options are almost identical between the 2 styles so no matter what color your bike is, there will be a sweet color combination to customize the look. Also because the color palette is similar, type of lighting isn’t more popular than the other. The appeal of the strip lighting is it has a lower profile so the light strips aren’t as intrusive. Again with the strips being L.E.D. lights, they will draw a very small amount of power from your electrical system.

   Adding L.E.D. Accent lighting is one sure fire way to make your bike stand out in the crowd. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and start building your custom light show for your bike. Be Bold, Be different!

Saddle Shields bring good looks and Divert the Heat

   Imagine you are out riding on a sunny day and the temps start to rise. Your planned route has you sitting in stop-and-go traffic or it’s got you parked at that stoplight that seems to be ignoring you. The heat coming off your motor is just about unbearable, but what can you do? You’ve switched to synthetic fluids and you’ve noticed a few degrees difference. There has to be something out there that can make a difference. The Crew here at K and G Cycles ( knows exactly what troubles you, and we have the solution – you need to install a set of Saddle Shields on your ride.

   These air deflreflective smoke saddle shieldsectors mount easily to the frame and are built out of tough as nails polycarbonate. From industry leader Kuryakyn, these good looking saddle shields are perfectly positioned on the frame to re-direct the heat away from you and your thighs. This provides a remarkable reduction in the temps inflicted on the rider. I have these on my personal bike and I can tell you how effective they are. Though we aren’t experiencing record highs at this time of the year, last summer was a true test though. Running 3 to 4 hours at a stretch, on days where the Mercury was reading 90°+, I can honestly tell you having these Saddle Shields in place mad a huge difference in my comfort level. Designed to channel much of the heat away from the seat area, they delivered on their word and kept me cooler. Never being one to follow the norm, Kuryakyn wanted the shields to be effective and good looking. To achieve this, they constructed the covers from a Reflective Smoke colored polycarbon material that depending on how you look at it, can appear as a chrome or smoked shield. A functional accessory that adds some flair to your ride.

   Before your nexsaddle shields 2t hot weather outing, contact your friends at K and G Cycles (www, so you can pick up a set of Saddle Shields from Kuryakyn. You will be surprised the difference they will make, and you will wonder how you ever survived without them. Now you can enjoy your ride no matter how hot! Fitments available for Dyna, Softtail, and Touring models ranging all the way back to 1997 depending what you ride.

Bolt On Custom Looks from Cyclesmiths

For those of you wanting your bike to be different from the rest, Saddlebag Extensions are a simple way to make that dream a reality. Not everyone can afford the luxury of a custom paint job, aftermarket wheels, or to purchase a custom built bike, or might not want to. Still they want their ride to be one of a kind. K and G Cycles ( is glad to make your customization dreams a reality with saddlebag extensions from Cyclesmiths. They will give you a cool custom look for a few crisp bills, as opposed to a few thousand dollars. 3 distinct designs with numerous different finishes allow you to select one that works for your application.

Dual Exhaust ModelsCycleSmiths extensions – H-D Touring Class Motorcycles with Dual exhaust built from 1993 to present, (except for Road King Classic w/leather bags and CVO stretched bags). Cyclesmiths advanced design even works with OEM saddlebag rails. The custom extensions overlap the saddlebag approximately 1″ and extend the bag down visually approximately 2 7/8″. Knowing most H-D Riders have installed aftermarket exhaust, oversize cut-outs accommodate up to 6″ diameter mufflers. Installation is easy. 4 fasteners bolt the extension to the bottom of the bag, and you’re done. Saddlebags remain fully functional, and to date, no one has “dragged ‘em” yet.  This looks really kool and gives your bike a great, low look.

2 into 1 Mo2 into 1 extensiondels -  These are pretty much the same as the Dual Exhaust version, but only have the relief cut on one side. Installation is the simple 4 point fastener. Set up with a 1″overlap, and 2 7/8″ visual extension, customization is available to you performance minded individuals. Finally someone has given you the opportunity to have the bags look right. Nothing says custom more than a muffler poking out of the right side saddlebag, while the left has no outlet.

Custom Application Modelsflat bottom aluminum extension – When there is no need for exhaust cutouts, Cyclesmiths have designed extensions for you. Available in the same selection of finishes as the other extensions, but intended for applications where stock configuration exhaust is not being used. RECOMMENDATION:Use for long skinny pipes when the end of the pipe extends past the rear of the saddlebag for more than 2″. A great addition to Fish Tail End Cap exhaust. Also a great look for the Radius Pipes that dump before the saddlebags. This looks really kool and makes your bike look nice and low – Fits all 1993 to current Harley-Davidson touring saddlebags (except for Road King Classic leather bags and CVO stretched bags) and will work with saddlebag rails.

When comes time to add the finishing touches to your motorcycles, look no further than K and G Cycles ( for custom saddlebag extensions from Cyclesmiths. Big motorcycle customization giving you a one of a kind look, that won’t break the bank.

Customizing your Bike with Banana’s. Banana Boards that is.

   With the season in full swing, you no doubt have gotten to enjoy a few longer trips on the bike. This has probably led to the discovery of your floorboards aren’t as comfortable as you thought. Keeping with the spirit of installing custom items when we upgrade, let me introduce you to Custom Floorboards from Cyclesmiths called Banana Boards. These unique floorboards have a one of a kind look that has yet to be seen anywhere else. In addition to the rider floorboards, they also carry passenger boards, shifter pegs, and brake pedal pads. K and G Cycles ( is pleased to bring you such unique accessories for your motorcycle.

Banana Boards 104-XL-SB   To begin with, we will take a look at original Banana Boards Rider Floorboards. What grabs your attention first is precariously long floorboard that seems to be misshapen. This is actually designed to increase rider comfort due to the additional real estate offered up. However, few riders purchase these boards with that notion in mind, they are going for the aesthetic appeal. “A Bike should look cool before being comfortable.” The happy coincidence is the unexpected improvement in comfort, mainly due to the ability of the rider to move their foot in different positions during the ride. This ultimately thwarts cramping and fatigue of the feet and legs. Banana Boards Floorboards come in many different styles so finding the right look for your motorcycle is easy.

To continue with the customization of your pass banana board106BPNRride, we will now take a look at the passenger floorboards. Because CycleSmiths understands so many bikers today subscribe to the theme idea when it comes to boards, pedals and grips, they offer matching components too. If you are going to carry a passenger for any length, you will want to have floorboards for them too. Since you have installed custom floorboards for yourself, are you going to treat the passenger to some? This simple addition to your bike can give you a completed, one of a kind look that will have people admiring your decision with jealousy.

brake pedal123-SB    Now, since you are all in having installed the rider and passenger Banana Boards, you must complete the look with a Brake Pedal cover and Shifter Pegs. As with any accessory install, you will want to have as many like pieces as possible and CycleSmiths has made this possible. Now of course the pedal pads and shifter pegs don’t have the exaggerated shapes as the floorboards do, they do share the same patterns. This makes critical functions such as shifting and braking no different from those having the boring controls. Just because you have custom parts installed on your bike  doesn’t mean it has to be nearly impossible to ride or offer up any comfort.

When it comes to installing accessories on our motorcycles, we want to make sure the guy next door doesn’t have the same stuff. That is why K and G Cycles ( is carrying the awesome line of CycleSmiths products. When you want quality, distinction, and a fair price, that ultimately provides additional comfort, look no further than K and G Cycles, your Customization Headquarters.

Don’t get Stranded on your Next Trip! Rely On Reda!

reda-can   How many times have you had that sick feeling you just might run out of gas at 1 in the morning and don’t know where the next gas station is? K and G Cycles ( is happy to offer an inexpensive insurance for this situation. The REDA Gas Can, designed specifically for your Harley Davidson hard-sided touring saddlebags. Your riding pleasure and confidence increases dramatically knowing you have an extra gallon of gas tucked in your bags in case you need it.  The number one worry of most riders is ”Do I have enough fuel to make it?” and “Where is the next service?” Those days are over!

saddlebag gas can   The REDA Gas Can is an ingenious invention that solves an age old problem that we have all had to deal with. Each can holds an impressive one gallon of gas and thereby extending your ride up to 35-40 miles, put one in each bag and you can go an amazing 70-80 miles down the road ! Custom made to fit perfectly right in that back, hard to reach corner of the bag, it takes up hardly any space at all. The REDA Gas Can is EPA and CARB certified, and meeting these standards makes this gas can 100 % vapor proof AND 100% spill proof, so there is no need to worry about fumes or gas in your bags. The Reda Gas Can was invented by a fellow rider passionate about logging a ton of miles and not wanting to plan rides based around fuel stops, Ron Reda couldn’t find a solution to the age old dilemma, so he invented the REDA Gas Can to help all riders heading out on long trips. If you have ever run out of gas you know how it can ruin your day and others you are riding with. Built to last a lifetime and made of the highest quality materials, the REDA Gas Can will give you the confidence and piece of mind to really enjoy the ride and not worry about where the next gas station is.

The Reda Gas Can, available from K and G Cycles ( is must for every motorcyclist out there. Pack 2 or give one to a friend because running out of fuel sucks, but thanks to Ron Reda we don’t have to.

Installing an Add-On Oil Cooler keeps Temps under Control

If this Summer turns out like last years, be prepared for a lot of heat! If that is the case, my trusty stead just might have a melt down! Unless you ride a 2014 from Milwaukee or a V-Rod, the only choice in battling those temps is an Oil Cooler. At K and G Cycles ( we understand just what heat can do to a bike and the rider, and that is why we carry a large selection of Oil Coolers for your H-D V-Twin.

jagg oil cooler 40-1519   Oil cooling refers to a process in which oil is used as a coolant. The oil is heated by the object it cools and then usually passes through a cooling unit such as an oil cooler, typically a type of radiator, or less commonly a gas decompressor. The cooled fluid flows back into the hot object to cool it continuously. Oil cooling is most commonly used to cool high-performance motorcycle engines that are not water-cooled. The cylinder barrel is air-cooled, as is commonly used for motorcycles, but the cylinder head may require additional cooling. As there is already a circulation system available for lubrication, this oil is also piped to the cylinder head and used as a liquid coolant. Compared to an oil system used solely for lubrication, oil cooling requires additional capacity, also an oil-air oil cooler, or a larger oil cooler if one is already present. This is where aftermarket coolers come into play. One of the better know names is Jagg. Aftermarket oil coolers are commonplace on air cooled bikes in high temp regions of the U.S. and are beginning to become a more common addition to other areas.

When it comes to preserving your motorcycle and protecting it from thermal breakdown and damage, as well as decreasing heat transfer to the rider, an add-on oil cooler is a great choice. Contact the pros at K and G Cycles ( to discuss your options today. Not only do we sell the, we use them on our own bikes as well. Ya know Florida can get pretty warm in the Summertime.

A Whole New Look by installing Contoured Side Covers

   With custom baggers the current rage, it is not uncommon to see big front wheels and stretched bags on many of them. One detail that is often overlooked is the side covers. You have come so far with custom paint, all you need is a set of contoured side covers to complete the look. At K and G Cycles ( we are proud to offer Contour Side Covers. Made from formed ABS plastic that features a clean contoured look that flows into the saddlebags.

contour side panels 49-2719  Each Contour Cover Set includes three mounting studs which plug directly  into original rubber grommets making installation a breeze. These covers have more surface area than stock side covers for continuation of your paint scheme and will compliment our stretched saddlebags as well as stock saddlebags. Both Right and Left side panels are molded ABS with the pins installed, for a push-on and click installation! Easiest installation around and they come ready for primer and paint. How cool would it be to give your ride a smooth transition from the bags to the tank and give you even more surface for that sweet paint job?

These are the bikes these Contour Covers are designed to fit. Sorry to all of you building a Softtail Bagger, they haven’t come out with a set that addresses the oil tank and a way to mount them. Fits Harley-Davidson models:

  • FLTR 1997-2008
  • FLHT 1997-2008
  • FLHR 1997-2008
  • FLH 1997-2008

When it come to putting the icing on the cake, you want it to look the best it can. When you customize your ride, you want it to look the best it can. Install a set of these Contour Side Covers and you will have a one a kind look along with your personalized paint. K and G Cycles ( is here to help you achieve complete customization. All you have to do is ask.


How the Guardian Bell Legend Came to Be

   You’ve been in a ton of motorcycle shops and seen countless motorcycles over the year and have seen “Guardian Bells”  and wondered what they are. and what they mean. K and G Cycles ( is going to share with you The Legend of The Guardian Bell, so sit back and enjoy.

Many years ago, on a cold December night, a crThe Celtic Cross bell will fight the road gremlins to the death.usty old biker was returning from a trip to Mexico with his saddlebags filled with toys and other assorted trinkets for the kids at a group home near where he worked. As he rode along that night thinking how lucky he had been in life, having a loving riding partner that understood his need to roam the highways and to his trusty old pan that hadn’t let him down once in the many years they had shared the road together. Well about 40 miles north of the border, in the high desert, lurked a small group of notorious little critters known as road gremlins. You know, the ones who always leave little obstacles like, one shoe, boards, and pieces of old tires on the road, and also dig those dreaded potholes for bikers to run over and crash, thus giving the road gremlins a chance to rejoice over their acts of evil.

Well, as the lone wolf of a biker rounded a curve that moonlit night, the gremlins ambushed him, causing him to crash to the asphalt and skid before coming to a stop next to one of his saddlebags that had broken free. As he lay there, unable to move, the road gremlins made their way towards him. Well, this biker, not being one to give up, started throwing things at the gremlins as they approached him. Finally, with nothing else to throw but a bell, he started ringing it in hopes to scare off the dirty little gremlins. About a half a mile away, camped in the desert, were two bikers sitting around the campfire talking about their day’s ride, and the freedom of the wind blowing in their faces as they rode across this vast country. In the stillness of the night air they heard what sounded to them like church bells ringing, and upon investigating, found the old biker lying along the roadside with the gremlins about to get him.Needless to say, being part of the biker brotherhood, they preceded to ward off the gremlins until the last ran off into the night.

Being gratefone of the defenders of the road, this gladiator bell is up for the fightul to the two bikers, the old road dog offered to pay them for their help, but as all true bikers do, they refused to accept any type of payment from him. Not being one to let a good deed go unnoticed, the old biker cut two pieces of leather from his saddlebags tassels and tied a bell to each one. He then placed them on each of the biker’s motorcycles, as near to the ground as possible. The tired, old road warrior then told the two travelers that with those bells placed on their bikes, they would be protected from the road gremlins and that if ever in trouble, just ring the bell and a fellow biker will come to their aid. So, whenever you see a biker with a bell, you know that he has been blessed with the most important thing in life – friendship from a fellow biker.

The Purpose of the Guardian Bell

Many of us have heard the sBCA Pink ribbon bell BEA1086tory about Evil Road Spirits. They are little gremlins that live on your bike. They love to ride, and they’re also responsible for most of your bike’s problems. Sometimes your turn signals refuse to work; your battery goes dead, the clutch needs adjustment, or any of several hundred things that can go wrong. These problems are caused by Evil Road Spirits. These Spirits can’t live in the presence of the bell, because they get trapped in the hollow of the bell. Among other things, their hearing is super-sensitive, so the constant ringing of the bell and the confined space drives them insane. They lose their grip and eventually fall to the roadway. Have you ever wondered how potholes are formed? The bell has served its purpose.

If you pick up a Guardian Bell of your own, the magic will work, but if your bell is given to you, the power is doubled, and you know that somewhere you have a special friend helping to look after you. So, if you have a friend who doesn’t have a bell, take a look at the great selection of bells offered at K and G Cycles ( and give them one? It’s a nice feeling for the recipient to know you care. The bell, plus a good preventive maintenance program by the bikes owner, will help eliminate Evil Road Spirits.

Polishing the Guardian Bell

It has been a tradition among some of us for a long flag belltime to attach a brass bell to our left swing arm, to remember our brothers and sisters who have gone down riding. It’s a small thing, but the reason a brass bell is chosen is that, as we ride, it gets dirty and tarnished. Every time we get down to wash and polish it, we are reminded of friends lost, and our thoughts turn to the meaning of being in the wind. As we ride and hear the bell ring, we know that our brothers and sisters are riding with us, and how easy it would be to join them with a single mistake. And maybe, just maybe, the next time a situation comes up; they will be there to help us…as long as we remember them by polishing the bell.

The Legend of the Guardian Bell is one of unknown origin, and such fantastic lore that we can’t help but be drawn in. Who wouldn’t want to fend off evil spirits? Who doesn’t like giving or receiving a gift? Who doesn’t like to dress up their bike? Who doesn’t want to take a minute and remember a loved one that has passed before them? Head over to K and G Cycles ( and pick up a bell for that special someone.

Performance and Style Upgrades from Velocity Stack

What is custom filtered velocity stack cc-629371a Velocity Stack and what are the benefits of running one on our bike? That is a great question, and The K and G Cycles Team ( is going to do their very best to provide you with enough information to answer that. So sit back and prepare to have your knowledge expanded. In simplist terms a velocity stack is a trumpet-shaped device of differing lengths which is fitted to the air entry of an engine’s intake system, carburetor or fuel injection. It is designed to:

  • Allow smooth and even entry of air at high velocities into the intake tract with the flow stream adhering to the pipe walls. (Sort of like a supercharger without the cost)
  • Modify the dynamic tuning range of the intake tract by functioning as a resonating pipe which can adjust the frequency of pressure pulses based on its length within the tract. (High Tech talk for improving the flow of air across the board for better response and more usable power.

   Modern engines univS&S Velocity stack 34-1880ersaly have tuned intake tract volumes and associated resonance frequencies, designed to provide higher than atmospheric intake air pressure while the intake valves are open – increasing the density of the trapped air in the combustion chamber (higher compression). Modified engines often have the original air box and associated ducting removed and velocity stacks are installed as accessories. Todays fuel injection systems with a plenum and single air inlet typically incorporate some sort of radiused entrance, designed to improve power, based on air flow increases. Power gains are usually at higher rpm. In amateur and professional racing, aftermarket velocity stacks are often used, as rules allow, and gains in the order of 2% to 4% can be obtained when inlet radii and stack lengths are optimized for that engine. The length of the stack is known to have a direct effect on a particular engine’s boosted power range.

   It is commonly related that “stand off” (air–fuel mix that gets pushed back out of the port, usually at full throttle / low rpm) is somehow captured by installing a longer intake pipe (stack). but, it is actually that the intake valve is closing too late and the combustion chamber is simply overfilling and blowing back out the intake port, before the intake valve closes. A longer inlet pipe will create a later intake pressure wave that will help keep the air in the chamber until the intake valve closes.

   The acceleraVelocity_stack_detailtion of air flow into a duct is inherently a highly efficient process and the difference between even the crudest radius inlet, and the most aerodynamic shape possible is slight, amounting to no more than a few percent The flow coefficient of a perfect entry would be 1.0 while the coefficient for a sharp edged entry would be 0.6 and a re-entrant plain pipe 0.5. In practice these latter types of entry are never used for engine intakes. There is always some attempt to provide some radius at the entry. This means that total engine airflow would not increase by the amount suggested by these figures, which apply only to the entry alone, as the inlet end is never the smallest or most restrictive part of the system. Because the greatest losses to flow occur near the valve seat, actual overall gain from any improvement of the entry flow would be much less. In the real world, on high-rpm Internal Combustion engine, using a minimum amount of inlet radius gives the best wave strength and a power boost of 2% to 4% over a 3000 to 3500 rpm range. Using a larger radius, like 3/4″, broadens out the resonant pressure wave rpm range, but the compression boosting pressure wave is greatly diminished and almost unnoticed by the engine.

I suspect one of the main reasons many of us will buy a velocity stack is for its raw, high performance looks. I do not feel those are bad reasons, but I do feel it very important to show you there are actual benefits reaped from installing one. At K and G Cycles ( we offer an amazing range of Velocity Stacks for you to choose from. Short neck, long neck, filtered, non-filtered, custom application or stock drivelines, we’ve got a velocity stack that will satisfy your needs. Contact us today, and be on your way to better look and performance in no time.

Go Hawg Wild with a Hawg Wired Amp and Speakers

   One of the greatest things about motorcycling is the ability to pop your favorite road mix into your sound system, crank it up, and ride. It can be a great way to get in the groove, put the miles on, and clear your head. As with everything, time and the elements take their toll on your stereo, slowly degrading performance. With the new season fully underway, it is the perfect time to replace your aging components with upgrades from K and G Cycles (  As we all know, the stock speakers aren’t the best so I will show you some great alternatives that will prove to be an improvement for your ears.

Part # adapter rings TR-049993 TR-049993, the 6.5″ Speaker Adapter Rings, give you the capability to upgrade your stock speakers to 6 1/2″ ones that offer extra thump and mid range definition. Designed to attach directly to the stock 5.25″ speaker locations, these adapter rings maintain the factory angle that Harley-Davidson designed into their fairings. These adapter rings are also compatible with stock or our aftermarket replacement steel mesh grills so you are still able to customize your fairing area too.  Some of the key features of the rings are:

Solid injected molded ABS plastic
Retains correct factory speaker angle
Direct replacement, no cutting or fairing mods required
Sold in pairs

Part # TR-049981spkrs and amp TR-049981 is the 6-1/2″ Direct Connect Amp Systems for 1998-2013 Touring Models. These systems are the epitome of plug and play and they dish out performance in large quantities. Each system is equipped with their Direct Connect harness that utilizes the bike’s existing wiring as source to the amplifier. Each DCS harness is built using the same connectors as the factory allowing for a record fast install
that requires essentially no thinking.

• Class-D design makes efficient power with low heat
• Clean, raw power without taxing the charging system
• Direct Connect Harness for plug & play simplified installation
• Standard interfaces for universal compatibility
• Built-in crossovers for maximum loudspeaker performance
• Conformal coated for corrosion and water protection
• 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Systems come in 2 formats to meet every riders needs. Both systems boast 120 watts RMS, but are available with 2 different size drivers; 5.25″ or 6.5″
Kits Include:
– (1) DCS Series 120W (2×60) Amplifier
– (2) SX Series 4 Ohm 5-1/4” or 6-1/2” Component Speakers

   So before you head out onto the open road this season, make sure your tunes are up for it. There is no reason for you to be listen to the crack, pop, and muffled sound of your old worn out speakers. K and G Cycles ( has everything you need to step up your audio system to the next level.

Slip Streamer – Delivering Rider Protection for over 40 Years

   For more than 40 years, Slip Streamer has been manufacturing, creating and updating quality windshields and products. With a goal that has been to bring superior products to motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.Providing protection with integrated good looks, Slip Streamer is a name well known in the Motorcycle Industry and is available at K and G Cycles (

   The company HistoSlip Streamer TR-559136ry began in the early 1970s, when Bob Eggerichs founded CF, Inc., the predecessor of Slip Streamer. He set up shop in South St. Paul, Minnesota, and manufactured the first clear acrylic stand-alone windshield. At an industry trade show, he ran a contest to name this new product and participants suggested many, many ideas—some funny, some practical. “Slip Streamer” stood out and became not only the product name but, in 1973, the company name as well. Throughout the 1970s, the company flourished and the name “Slip Streamer” became synonymous with all-acrylic motorcycle windshields.

   By the 1980v-rod TR-559074s, the company had moved to Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and was selling not only six different windshields but other products for motorcycles and their riders, including leather gloves, rain suits, and luggage. But that changed when Bob’s son Bob came on board. He had ridden motorcycles throughout his life, and wanted Slip Streamer to get back to its roots. He eliminated the other product lines and, along with his brother, Ron, focused solely on what the company did best: manufacturing windshields. New products were added, and in the early 1990s, the company moved its operations to its present location in Blaine, Minnesota.

   Today, Slip Sturbo TR-559105treamer is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycle windshields in the world—we create windshields under our name and through private labels, along with doing custom work and plastic fabrication for other industries. But throughout, quality and customer service have remained our priorities. As technology and computers have evolved over the years, the look of our shop has changed, but all our windshields are still hand molded at the Blaine, Minnesota, location. As always, the emphasis is on keeping the optics perfect so your view is clear and distraction free.

   Their commitment to customer service includes listening to customers. If you ever experience a problem with one of their products, you can contact them. “We’ll deal with any problems directly and take care of it as quickly as we can to ensure everyone is satisfied.” Check out the whole line up of Windshields by Slip Streamer for Motorcycles and ATV’s at K and G Cycles (

Awesome Looks, Sound, and Performance from New Mufflers

   The world we live in is full of emission regulations, sound ordinances, and computer controlled everything. This has a huge impact on how our bikes sound from the factory. One company keeps you legal and sounding great though all of this! I am sure you have heard of them before – RUSH –  I’m not referring to the Progressive Rock group that gave you such classics as Big Money, Roll the Bones, 2112 Overture, and of course Tom Sawyer, I am referring to the exhaust manufacturer from Indiana. Here at K and G Cycles ( we want to give you an exhaust option that sounds as good as it looks.

   The fine folks at RUSH Racirush-logo-1ng Products have developed a full line of performance enhancing exhaust from simple Slip-On Mufflers to Full Systems. Another great option from RUSH is most products can be had in beautiful, rich Chrome finish, or with a rock solid sinister black powder coat. With a resume’ that exceeds 30 years in the performance exhaust business, all of the high quality products are designed and produced in their State of The Art facility in Northern Indiana. Check out some of the great features and benefits of installing new Rush Exhaust components.

   Slip-On Mufflersrush mufflersTR-626189: The easiest way to increase performance and sound volume is by installing a set of Rush’s Slip-on Mufflers. In many cases the only it is a simple remove and reinstall process. It is recommended you replace your muffler clamps when installing new mufflers to avoid any leaks (average price for a pair $15.00). With a selection process as simple as selecting an end cut and baffle size, and Chrome or Black, a new bike is literally around the corner. With sound ranging from the classic H-D sound to just shy of obnoxious, there is a set of Rush mufflers for everyone. A big concern when installing an upgraded exhaust is whether or not the need to tune/remap the fuel system so we asked the Pros at Rush -  For the best increases of power and sound, it is advised to use a 2″ baffle up to a 2.5″ baffle depending on the year and model of your bike. RUSH slip-On mufflers are available in Chrome or Black finishes to blend well with whatever look you want.

   RUSH is one Exhaust Manufacturer providing products that produce results. From Slip-Ons to Full Systems, K and G Cycles (www, has you covered. Contact us today for all of your performance enhancing exhaust needs and experience the difference.

Comfort, Function, and Style in the ISO Grip from Kuryakyn

   The time has finally come to replace your worn out factory grips. You’ve searched high long and hard for the right ones and after much advice and consideration, you have chosen the ISO Grips from Kuryakyn. K and G Cycles ( believes when you ride your motorcycle, you should be as comfortable as possible, and that includes your hands.

iso grips   For the rider that is seeking the ultimate in comfort and style, we proudly give you the ISO Grip from Kuryakyn ( TR-497800). Designed to dampen handlebar vibration while giving the rider a sure, cushioned feel that allows long haul comfort. Totally unique and recognizable in an instant the recessed area between the ISO pads has a function too. This permits air movement between the palm and grip decreasing perspiration for added comfort in warmer weather.  In addition the interchangeable knurled accent ring let’s you take your customization one step further. Wanting to be fair to all H-D owners, Kuryakyn developed unique removable end caps, so those with the air suspension fill points in the bars can run a custom grip without having to worry. To this day. this is one of the only custom grips available that may be used with stock air reservoir type handlebars. To satisfy you even more, you also have your choice of Chrome or Black Grips depending on the look you are going for.

Comfort and Style do come in the same package, especially when you are talking about hand grips. Kuryakyn has spent quite awhile perfecting the ISO Grips and have hit the ball out of the park. I do not know of a single person that has installed a set of them and complained or removed them. Head on over to K and G Cycles ( and check out the ISO Grips as well as the whole ISO line up. Pegs, Floorboards, Throttle Boss’ and more, with many available in Black or Chrome.

Improving the looks of your ride with new Chrome Controls

   With so many items that are begging to be customized, one of the most eye catching mods is replacing the control switches or switch housings. Even on a bone stock bike, this can have an amazing effect. No matter what model you ride, K and G Cycles ( can help you make the transformation that will have you grinning every time you grab the bars.

chrome controls 22-0823  So many of us want to change out the Switches and Housings so you have Chrome on Chrome. Changing out such small items may not seem like it will make a big difference, but one of the first areas we look at on a bike is the view from the seat. Regardless if it is ours or not, we want to “see” what it would look like if we were in the saddle and the bars are in our line of sight. One of the best times to swap the housings and switches is if we have decided to change out the handlebars or the grips. At minimum the switch housings are removed, so what better time to make the change. When replacing the switches, the switch caps. levers, and more, you will want to make sure this job isn’t beyond your skill level. Switches equal wiring, while Caps equal a steady hand. Don’t forget the brakes will need attention too. Chrome handlebar control kit # 22-0823 with 9/16″ bore master cylinder features:

  •  Hidden underside mount on the switch housings for an unobstructed smooth, rounded surface on the top housing
  • Chrome Brake and Clutch Levers
  • Chrome Master Cylinder
  • Chrome Switch housings
  • All necessary brackets and hardware for single disc application.

Fits Harley-Davidson models:

  • FXST 1996-2006
  • FLST 1996-2006
  • FXD 1996-2005
  • XL 1996-2003

   Regardless of your decision, you will love the looks the new chrome controls give your ride. We have a large variety to cover a range of applications so contact K and G Cycles ( today and we will get you pointed in the right direction to realizing your dreams.

Changing the way you ride with Forward Controls

   Have you just about had it riding that Sporty with your knees pinned up to your chest? Do you wish there was a way you could relax while riding, especially on a longer ride? Have you ever considered getting a set of Forward Controls from K and G Cycles ( We have just what you need to transform that Sportster into a more comfortable ride with a little bit of attitude. Forward controls for Harley-Davidson Sportsters are designed to give you increased confort while out riding so you rack up more miles.

XL fwd ctrls 22-0828   For so many, the iconic Harley-Davidson Sportster is the bike of choice. For the large number of them that have mid controls comfort is a foreign word. That is unless you invest in a great set of forward controls like Part # 22-0828. Designed after OEM No: 33395-06A  this Chrome forward control kit includes brake pedal, shift arm, mount brackets, brake rod, shift rod, transmission shift arm and screws. At this point in your transformation you can reuse the stock pegs or purchase custom foot pegs separately that will allow you to increase the attitude of your bike. Forward controls will usually extend the legs to the point highway pegs are no longer needed, thus eliminating the need for an engine guard to mount them and retaining the lean body lines of the Sportsters. Part # 22-0828 was designed to fit 2004 and later (newer in H-D terminology), but we have fitments for other applications as well.

   There’s no reason the “Big” bike riders should be the only ones that get to experience all the comfort, that is why K and G Cycles ( carries a large selection of forward controls for Harley-Davidson Sportster models to meet your customization needs. You want comfort? You need to install forward controls. We’ve got what you need, just ask.

A good looking twist on the Skull theme from Milwaukee

   Not a fan of the “Live to Ride” nation? Flames not your thing? You do like the Skull theme, but want to be a little different? Why not take a look at some of our Willie inspired pieces available at K and G Cycles ( and turn your bike into a one of a kind cycle.

skull-tail-light-and-license-plate-holder-11270   Starting at the rear and working our way forward, make sure everyone you leave behind has no doubt what you like! Thundering American motorcycles, and the infamous Skulls. Make a statement with this Skull Tail light and license plate holder. Made from high quality Billet Aluminum, the Skull portion has been beautifully chrome plated. Of the things you will be sure to notice are the L.E.D. lights for the brake lights located in the eyes and white L.E.D’s firing downward to light up the license plate. The mounting bracket for the plate is finished in a sturdy gloss black so it will always look good.

willie-g-marker-lights-11403   Next if you really want to get their attention, install a set of these Milwaukee Skull style marker lights. These marker lights feature bright, fast acting  dual function L.E.D. lights. Finished in the same slick chrome as the tail light and plate holder, these marker lights scream custom to any admirer.  Not only are you customizing the bike, you are increasing your level of visibility with more intense lighting when you braking or indicating an upcoming  turn. These marker lights can also be installed in the rear wall of saddlebags increasing the level of customization on your ride.

Keep that clevskull-air-cleaner-CC-688235er Skull theme rolling on your bike as we move to the right side and upgrade that boring old air cleaner. With a look that will remind you of those performance exhaust that use the discs to tune the sound and power, if custom is what you are seeking, custom is what you will receive. Measures approximately 5.5″ High x 6.0″ Wide, this air cleaner will fill in the “V” nicely and take center stage in looks and performance additions. Let’s face it, when you select the theme of our bikes, you run with it, and this Willie G inspired air cleaner is but one more piece that will be added to your “Must Have” list.

Check out these and more Milwaukee Inspired Skull pieces at K and G Cycles ( and start down the road to complete customization for your ride.