Are you looking to unleash More Power? Try a Power Commander!

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| Posted on 22-04-2014

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   Spring has sprung and so have the power enhancement mods you’ve done to your bike. Are you getting the most out of them though? Unless you have a Power Commander installed the answer is “No”. K and G Cycles ( is your online source for Dyno Jet Power Commander products. Since 1972, Dynojet Research has been providing the ways to harness the full potential of your ride.

   Dynojet Research, Inc. is the power commander signworld leader in the development and manufacturing of performance enhancement products and tools. Their fuel management and diagnostic products, coupled with personalized services, give you the resources to maximize performance and increase efficiency. With a long, successful history of “squeezing blood from a turnip”, Dynojet has relied on state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best products available. With a philosophy rooted in the belief that the customers are number one, individualized attention is given so that you can take full advantage of the products offered. Because of this philosophy, they are able to maintain high credibility, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

   The Power Commander (or PCpower commander info) is a fuel injection adjustment unit that plugs “inline” with the bike’s stock ECM (electronic control module). The PC uses OEM style connectors, so there is no splicing or cutting of the harness required. To tell you how easy installation is, most take less than 15 minutes, with some as little as 5 minutes. Changes are made to the bikes fuel, and in some cases, the ignition curves via the PC’s onboard processor. Use of this technology allows a larger area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bike’s ECM. Removing the PC returns the bike to its previous stock condition. Each unit comes complete with software and cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file. The PC II EX is compatible with DynoJets patented Tuning Link Software. If need be, custom maps can be developed in much the same way as the “race only” version. Maps made for the “race only” Power Commander can be loaded into the Power Commander EX and are automatically converted to the proper format so versatility is nearly endless.
  Because Harley-Dav32-3011 pc IIIidson motorcycles have a unique set up, so is the Power Commander for them. Not only does the Power Commander EX for HD applications offer full fuel adjustability (+/-50%, it also incorporates a built-in ignition module. In addition, ignition timing changes of up to +4 /- 10 degrees from stock can be made. The unit also includes our Rev X-tend features that allow the user to increase the stock rev limiter to 6, 200 rpm without having to take the bike to a dealer for an expensive ECM update. Like the rest of the Power Commander line, the Power Commander EX for Harley-Davidson motorcycles can map each cylinder for maximum performance regardless of the combination of parts being used.
   With all the tuning modules out there today, and many of them making claims they can’t deliver, it is good to see one company coming to the table with proven results. DynoJet Research, makers of the Power Commander line of tuners, has the goods to get you going with the most power and efficiency as possible. Whether you’ve added exhaust, a big bore kit, even a high flow, for the best results you will want to install a Power Commander from K and G Cycles (

Precision Billet brings its “A” game and has been for over 15 Years!

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| Posted on 21-04-2014

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   In the world oprecision billet pilef Aftermarket Accessories for Motorcycles, there are tens of thousands of companies out there. Many of them are producing similar products. How does one decide which manufacturer to choose for the accessory they are looking for? You look at the finished product, you go to shows to see the items on the bikes, you do a little research, then you can make your educated decision and ultimately your purchase. One company in this situation is Precision Billet, makers of premium billet motorcycle accessories designed to be as unique as the rider themselves. Just like you, the buyers at K and G Cycles ( have to perform their research too so only the best products make it to our shelves. We felt so strongly about Precision Billet and the quality of their products, we have outfitted 2 of our own motorcycles with them.

   With a linKailey on the Deluxee up that includes Air Cleaners, Rider and Passenger floorboards, Saddlebag Latches, Ignition Switch Covers, Master Cylinder Covers, and much more, Precision Billet is providing the Motorcycle Industry true custom options when it comes time to personalizing your bike. With 18 different designs available that can be purchased on 22 different accessories, the possibilities are endless. Even if you don’t feel like making the complete theme transformation yet think a few upgrades will be enough, you will find each piece is finished with such beauty installing just one upgrade will increase the curb appeal. Having been in business for over 15 years, the folks at Precision Billet deliver unmatched quality of design and workmanship. Precision Billet is so in tune with the motorcycling world, they even produce a Breast Cancer Awareness Ignition Switch with 100% of the profits being donated to finding a cure.Located in a 10,000-square-foot facility in Gilbert, Arizona, machining, bending, welding, building and assembly of  all of the products are done in house allowing them to control product quality as well as cost too. When you are looking to be the top dog, that means a lot for your cause.

   With all the cprecision-billet1ompanies out there vying for your hard earned dollar, you want to make sure money is well spent. Put your trust in K and G Cycles ( when you are selecting accessories for your bike. Precision Billet is one company producing top notch accessories for motorcycles and more. This is the reason we have them on our bikes, so feel confident in your decision to purchase them too.


Isolation of the Vibration is Critical to The Ride

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| Posted on 20-04-2014

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   We all know our V-Twin motorcycle from Wisconsin has it’s full share of vibrations and those vibrations can take their toll on us as we ride. There is a way to dampen them while adding good looks to your motorcycle. You can install ISO Pegs and Grips from Kuryakyn and feel the vibrations fade away. K and G Cycles ( is your one stop shop for any and all things Kuryakyn, including the popular “ISO” line.

   Since vibration wilISO Grips TR-497127l travel through contact points, it is important to reduce the amount you encounter at yours. When Kuryakyn developed the ISO grips, they wanted to bring to market grips that not only dampened handlebar vibration, but provided a sure, cushioned feel for long haul comfort. The ISO grip was born. A grip made of cushioning pads with channels between them allowing air flow to reduce perspiration of the hands. Another uncomfortable occurrence while riding, especially on warm summer days. Because of their unique removable end caps, this is one of the only custom grips available that may be used with stock air reservoir type handlebars. For even greater comfort a Throttle Boss can be added to ISO grips for even greater comfort while underway.

   Much like thtr-497856 iso stirrupeir Hand Grip Cousins, ISO Pegs were developed to combat the numbness we experience in our feet after some time in the saddle. Sharing much of the same design as the grips, the pegs employ the same vibration dampening rubber pads. Most of the time we do not recognize the actual impact the constant vibration has on us until it’s too late. We reach our destination, go to get off the bike and realize our feet have fallen asleep often taking us to the ground. Anytime you can isolate vibration from your body, it is a win win situation. Even more so when it is done with good looking accessories.

   Kuryakyn answered a call from motorcyclists everywhere. Bring us a way to deal with the constant punishment from motorcycle born vibrations and the numbness created by the transfer through our extremities. K and G Cycles ( employs a fair amount of motorcycle enthusiasts that are riders as well, and many of them can sing the praises of the ISO line from Kuryakyn. Head on over to the website and take a look at the whole ISO lineup.

True Dual Exhaust that delivers Real Results – BUB 7

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| Posted on 17-04-2014

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    In the search for the perfect exhaust note on our rides, we go out and listen to as many bikes as we can. When we finally pull the trigger, we want to make sure our ears haven’t deceived us and we end up disappointed with our selection. Now granted the various states of the packing can alter the sound somewhat, but in general, you know what you are getting. Sometimes the players that have been in the business indeed offer the most sought after sound and one of those is BUB. For those of you that may not know, when Rinehart was at the peak of its popularity, they were being made by BUB so you know they have a clue as to what they are doing. After the break up, BUB has continued to manufacture motorcycle exhaust and sell it under their own name. The BUB 7 True Dual Exhaust from K and G Cycles (

   The Chrome BBUB true duals 30-1554ub 7 True dual exhaust system utilizes a performance proven stepped header technology running from 1-7/8″ to 2″ to bring you increased overall performance and a new level of sound that will have you wondering why you didn’t do this earlier. When you purchase a BUB 7 exhaust system not only do you get the confidence of buying from a name that has been in the business more than many companies combined, you get a complete kit that includes:

  • crossover tubes that deliver impressive bottom end as well as increased mid-range performance.
  • 2-1/4″ 220° full coverage heat shields
  • 3-1/2″ diameter mufflers with adjustable slash cut ends that can be fixed in the upward or downward position.
  • true dual exhaust system performance headers

   Buying exhaust can be tricky at best. K and G cycles ( is here to make your decision a little easier because we only carry the brands that established themselves not by sponsoring someone to get their name recognized, but instead by offering quality products that perform. BUB has been producing performance exhaust for the motorcycle industry for many moons and have found their way onto many, many bikes. Beautiful Chrome, desired sound, and increased performance is what you get from BUB. Order yours today!

For more than 55 years, Loctite has been Keeping it Together

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| Posted on 16-04-2014

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   We all know our beloved American V-Twin Motorcycles can rattle and shake a bit. What options do we have to keep all the nuts and bolts from literally hitting the highway? You can use Loctite Threadlockers to keep everything in place. Here at K and G Cycles ( we offer a wide variety of Loctite products that when used properly, nearly eliminate the need to constantly check nuts and bolts to make sure all is well.

   For most of us, L31190s8octite Threadlocker Blue 242 is what we will use most. Blue 242 is designed for “the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners which require normal disassembly with standard hand tools.” This product is designed to cure when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. It protects the threads from rust and corrosion and prevents loosening from shock and vibration. Threadlocker Blue 242 is particularly suited for applications on less active substrates such as stainless steel and plated surfaces, where disassembly is required for servicing.

Recommended For:
Any service bolt on your motorcycle. Accessory bolts that may be changed out as a theme changes or when the item is worn out and needs to be replaced. Use on metal fasteners 1/4′ (6 mm) to 3/4′ (19 mm) in diameter such as bolts on small engines, swing sets and furniture.

Not Recommended For:
Use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen rich systems. Also should not be selected as a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials. Use on plastic parts, particularly thermoplastic materials where stress cracking of the plastic could result.

loctite 271   Next we have Loctitie Red Threadlocker 271. When staying power is a more permanent need.  Loctite Red 271 is designed for the permanent locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. It protects threads from rust and corrosion and prevents it from loosening from shock and vibration. It is only removable after it has cured by heating up the parts to 500°F (260°C). This is the tough stuff, Loctite Threadlocker Red 271!

Recommended For: Non-servicable locations, anytime you need a screw/bolt to stay put. Use on metal fasteners up to 1″ (25 mm) in diameter such as bolts on decks, ready-to-assemble furniture, mounts, rings, gear bolts and frame bolts

Not Recommended For: Use on plastic parts, particularly thermoplastic materials where stress cracking of the plastic could result. Use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials.

The last Loctite product I am loctite 290 greengoing to showcase is Loctitie Threadlocker Green 290. Loctite Green 290 is designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. Due to it’s low viscosity and capillary action, the product wicks between engaged threads and eliminates the need to disassemble prior to application. Threadlocker 290 cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. It prevents loosening from shock and vibration, as well as leakage from shock and vibration and protects threads from rust and corrosion. The product can also be used to fill porosity in welds, casting and powder metal parts. Localized heating and hand tools are needed for disassembly.

Recommended For: Use on metal fasteners 1/12″ (2.2 mm) to 1/2″ (12.7 mm) in diameter such as pre-assembled fasteners, instrumentation crews, carburetors and electrical connectors

Not Recommended For: Use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials. Pre-assembled threads in a blind hole. Use on plastic parts, particularly thermoplastic materials where stress cracking of the plastic could result

When you arloctite set 05400e assembling anything, you want to make sure you have the appropriate Loctite near by. It could be the difference between trouble free and troublesome. These threadlockers along with many other products from Loctite designed to make life easier are available from K and G Cycles ( and can be yours today. No tool box should be without them. There is even a convenient multi-pack that has threadlockers as well as anti-seize and thread sealant packaged together so you are covered in one ceonvenient package.

Textile Riding Pants deliver Protection and Comfort in 1 Package

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   Every time you go out riding, you want as much protection as you can have, yet still be as comfortable as possible. Not only do you want protection from the elements, you want protection from the road too. At K and G Cycles ( we feel the same way. That is why we have for you today the Durango Textile Riding Pants. A great alternative to those bulky leather pants and much easier to put on than chaps.

TR-092230-riding-pants-yellow    Take a look and see all the great features Part # TR-092230 has to offer. These classic 5-pocket, jean-style riding pants will surprise you. Constructed of heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant nylon they are designed to provide just as much protection as their more expensive leather counterparts. These pants are also water-resistant to keep you dry in most conditions, but lets face it they aren’t rain gear so they are not waterproof. Cleverly constructed leg openings feature both snaps and full-length zippers for a secure closure that allows you easy-on easy-off wear. Amazingly these riding pants tip the scales at about half the weight of your standard issue chaps and take far less effort to put on. For your peace of mind, these textile riding pants come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty. This gives you incredible amount of buying confidence. For a company to offer you a warranty on riding gear even when they know the item will be pushed to it’s limits must have a great product.

   Don’t wait to get your Durango Riding Pants, the season is upon us and supply is lower because demand is high. Affordable and durable, as well as comfortable and good looking make these riding pants a great choice for any motorcycle enthusiast. Contact us today and discover the great riding gear K and G Cycles ( has to offer.

Custom Brake Power Designed to Make your Bike Look Better

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   When it comes to putting the finishing touches on our motorcycles, we often look over one area of the bike. Though utilitarian in nature, the brake system is one area that can be customized but is often forgotten. Thought there are 3 main items to upgrade, I want to talk to you about the brake rotors. Upgrading the rotors can really set off the front end of your ride and depending on the style chosen can lead to improved braking capability. Here at K and G Cycles ( our goal is to give you all the resources you need to make your customization a reality.

   When installing custom brake rotors you will be faced with 3 decisions, Performance Level, Decorative Design, and Finish. Each aspect is as important as the next because each one impacts the next. Relax as I take you down the road to discovering the different types of brake rotors available .

   PerformaGMA Brake 23-9938nce Brake Rotors – This type of brake rotor often adds little cosmetic appeal to a motorcycle. This is partly due to the fact that the composite materials used are intended to increase performance. To those in the know, they will notice you have chosen to increase braking ability rather than make sure the bike is slathered in chrome. You will almost certainly noticed this style of brake rotor is strategically drilled for ventilation and dust removal. Though it may not be a visual improvement, this is one customization that everyone can appreciate. Safety First!

   Custom Designed Brake Rotorrev tech rotor CC-602860s – This is the segment that is pretty much self explanatory. When you want a particular design to match your new wheels, compliment a design in the paint, or even a theme through out the grips, floor boars, pegs, etc… This is a great visual addition to any bike.  In addition to the wicked designs available, there are even models to be had that have contrasting hub and braking components. Whatever design you choose, you are adding a custom flair to your bike that lets everyone know you got it goin’ on.

   Custom FiniDual polished rotor CC-640689sh Rotors  – As with the Custom Design Brake Rotors, there are many options here. Some of the most popular seem to be Chrome, Polished, Natural, and even Black. Chrome is mainly chosen for motorcycles that are show bikes and will no longer see the road. They are very pretty but one pull of the brake lever and you can say goodbye to that beautiful finish. The lustrous Chrome finish doesn’t fair well against the abrasiveness of the brake pads. Because of the wear factor associated with Chrome, riders will generally turn to the more resilient Polished finish. This is a great choice for many reasons. A polished brake rotor is far less susceptible to marring when the brakes are applied. If a “spot” should appear, you can polish it out and you are as good as new. Another reason polished brake rotors have become so popular is they are less expensive than chrome rotors and offer up nearly the same amount of bling. For an entirely different look, many are going with a natural finish or Black finish to eliminate any extra care or maintenance.

   Whatever your decision may be, much of it will be based on personal preference and visual relation to the bike. Installing new Brake Rotors can increase your Street Cred and finish off your motorcycle just the way you want it. K and G Cycles ( has everything you need to pull this off. Even the new hardware you are gonna want to install on reassembly.

When it’s time for new a Windshield, National Cycle is a Great Choice

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| Posted on 13-04-2014

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   If you want the best in aftermarket motorcycle windscreens, one company rises above the rest – National Cycle. From the company’s humble beginnings way back in 1937 in Chicago, Illinois as “Nation’s Cycle Center”, they have grown into the legend you know today. Founded by Gordon Willey (1903-1989), whose firm belief was, “Success in business requires Total Customer Satisfaction”. His business philosophy proved to be the beginning of a long and successful tradition of delivering the highest quality motorcycle windshields and accessories riders can buy. National Cycle is known world-wide as the leader in aftermarket windshield manufacturing. With annual sales that simply can’t be matched by any other windshield manufacturer, National Cycle continues to set the pace for the Aftermarket and the OEM world. That reason is why we at K and G Cycles ( feel confident in bringing you these amazing products.

nat cyc fltr 51-0407   A little known fact that bolsters National Cycles credibility is they are the OEM supplier to BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha. Needless to say, that keeps them busy, but also demands product quality be top notch. In the end, that translates to superior products for you. To stay on top of an ever changing marketplace, National Cycle is responsible for more innovations and holds more patents for the design and production of windshields than any other company in the industry. By listen to their customers and working hard to maintain the industry leadership position, they have remained “Top Dog” even through the rough times. Also, as many other companies seek to lower operating costs by moving to foreign soil, National Cycle proudly continues to Design, Engineer, and Manufacture it’s beloved products right here in The U.S.A.

   For more than 75 years National Cycle has been bringing you top quality replacement and OEM style Windshields. No matter what you ride, a Dresser, a Softtail, a Dyna or a Sporty there is one designed for you. Available through K and G Cycles (, National Cycle Windshields is a force to be reckoned with. If it is good enough to be the Original Equipment Supplier for so many of the large manufacturers, you know it is an excellent choice for your bike.

Updated, Custom looks for your Ole’ Dog via a new Dash

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| Posted on 10-04-2014

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   Without a doubt, our motorcycles age over time and that goes for the chrome too. One particular piece that endures twice the punishment is the dash panel. Not only does it take a direct beating from the sun and rain, it also gets punished by us. We don’t do it on purpose, but our pants, chaps, belts, jackets, and other attire that rubs and scrapes the dash takes its toll on the finish. You ask, “What can I do?”, K and G Cycles ( has a couple of solutions for you – an OEM design replacement or custom choices.

FX long chrome dash 39-0569     For those of you not wanting to stray too far from the path, we offer a large selection factory looking Dash Panels to replace that worn out one. Let’s face it, The Motor Company doesn’t churn out too many “bad” looking pieces. Sadly however, they can end up looking less then stellar over time. Whether you have a high mileage ride from many moons ago, a current one that hasn’t always been given the proper love, and anything in between, we have a replacement dash for you. For the most part, replacement of a dash is relatively simple. A few screws, a couple of new gaskets, and that’s about it. You have now upgraded the look of your bike.

    Also available for tyaffe-long-tank-panelhose wanting to take their bike to the next level, are custom Dash Panels. If you have an accessory theme running through your bike, there may be a Dash Panel that corresponds. If you want to add a deep rich chrome panel to your bike, you came to the right place. Looking to black out your ride, take it to the next step and install a black Dash Panel(2003-2007 or 2008 and later). Offerings from the big guys like Ness, Yaffe, and more will have you on the way to complete customization that starts with a Dash Panel. Since personalization means almost the same as customization when it comes to motorcycles, why not start with the worn, weathered, beat up pieces, so you can validate the upgrade.

CC-610360 stash dash    A really slick replacement Dash Panel is The Stash Dash. No longer will you have to figure out where to leave smaller valuables. The Stash Dash is just that, a dash panel that has secure storage in the tunnel pocket. The Stash Dash for Touring models cleans up the console area of your Bagger while providing you with extra storage space. It is a direct replacement for stock consoles on your Touring Class bikes. This dash incorporates both the fill cap and the storage box under a smooth hinged lid. With applications from 1997-2007 FLHT, FLHTC, FLHS, and FLTR models. (Installation requires use of a 1997 and later Road King/Street Glide seat)

    When it comes to Motorcycle Customization, K and G Cycles ( has what you need to make the transformation complete. From mild to wild and everything in between, your “new” bike begins with your new Dash Panel.

Another great piece from Leader – The eCaddy Belt Clip

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| Posted on 10-04-2014

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   We often get Press Releases from our suppliers when they release a new product and we like to pass them on so you can keep up with the emerging trends. Leader Motorcycle just sent us a Press Release on a new product they have that will bring an overwhelming amount of convenience to your ride. The eCaddy Belt Clip Mount allows you to secure any electronic device that uses a belt clip or loop. Don’t take my word for it, read all about it directly Leader.

For Immediate Release: April 2014

   When it coBAP-Chmes to Rider convenience we try to keep you on top of all that is available. Leader Motorcycle recently released a new product that takes

   Virtually ANY item that has a belt clip (or a belt loop) can be mounted with the eCaddy Belt Clip Mount!

   Do you need somewhere to put your:

  • Phone when it’s IN its case?
  • Garage door opener?
  • Snuff box?
  • Lighter case?
  • Tool kit?
  • Sunglasses case?
  • Camera?

   Simply clip it on, snap it in, and choose from six different angles! If your case has a swivel belt clip, turn it whatever angle you desire. Perfect for phone cases (such as Otterbox Defender case or Lifeproof case) or pouches with a belt clip. Stainless Steel Eagle snaps give this mount a classy look even when not in use.

How to Mount

   This kit mounts to all Harley-Davidson handlebar controls (screw spacing 1.5″). Fits both left and right side controls! See Fitment Tab for details.


  • Mounting bracket (black) with UltraSecure and Get the Vibe Out features
  • eCaddy Deluxe Holding Plate (black)
  • eCaddy Belt Clip Plate (black) with Leather Sash and Stainless Steel EAGLE snaps

   K and G Cycles ( is your one stop shop for all your electronics mounts from Leader Motorcycle. Contact us today and see what you’ve been missing.

Keeping it under wraps with a new Motorcycle Cover

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| Posted on 09-04-2014

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   What do you do in this situation? You spend all that time cleaning your bike, get it standing tall, only to have the birds or the trees leave their mark. You get mad and the rest of the ride isn’t as pleasant as you’d like. You can do 1 of 2 things, stay home and admire your bike as it sits in the garage or purchase a cover to shield your bike from situations you can not control. There are many different types of covers out there that perform different tasks than their brothers. K and G Cycles ( carries a full range of covers in a range of prices.

   Starting off, we whitewall touring shadewill look at the simplest cover out there – The Cycle Shade. Keeping the elements and surprises off your bike, these covers are small and lightweight so packing one along is of little effort. Designed to cover the fuel tank/dash area back to the rear of the bike, this style of cover keeps the heat off the seat and tank, making for a cooler and dryer bike when you are ready to leave. In addition, when a half cover is installed you have an out of sight out of the elements cubby to store riding gear keeping them cooler too. Cycle Shades offers a cover for just about every motorcycle out there, whether you have a full fairing touring bike, a Sportster, and everything in between. Easy on, easy off installation keeps things simple and keeps those pesky onlookers from seeing how it feels. Half covers offer you peace of mind as well as protection from air born hazards and weather conditions we are not fond of.

   When our bikeblk cran ultragard BBP-4-459AB  s are at rest, securely at home a full body cover is a wise choice. Available in a wide range of designs and fitments, these covers fit head to toe and give the most protection available. Almost every full body cover features locking grommets for added security as well as a shock cord hem that keeps everything in place. The similarities end here, the material used for the outer shell can range from soft cotton to water repellant polyester that uses a soft cotton/flannel lining to prevent it from scratching the motorcycles surfaces. Some covers have added heat resistant material into the liners. This allows you to install the cover immediately after riding, making them the ideal travel cover. If your cover does not have the heat shield panels you MUST wait for the bike to cool down before installation, otherwise you will have a nasty mess to contend with and potentially have to replace some damaged parts.
   K and G Cycles ( believes each and every bike be given that little extra protection. Whether it’s parked in the garage and keeps Fluffy and the kids off, or if it keeps Mother Nature from reeking havoc on your day, that is why every bike should have a cover.  Get yours today and see how easy it is to protect your investment.

You Clean the Outside of the Bike, why not the Inside?

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| Posted on 08-04-2014

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   Taking care of your motorcycle internally is just as important as making sure she shines externally. You check the oil level frequently, change it regularly, and use quality oil and filters. That is one of the best ways to extend the life of your bike. You can do more though. K and G Cycles ( would like to introduce you to The Scavenger Total Oil Change System, a revolutionary way to change and flush all the old oil from the motor each and every time you service your bike. How’s that for protecting that new Big Bore or Cams?

   When you chanscavenger pathge your oil there’s still between 24 and 32 ounces of dirty oil in the sump at the bottom of the engine and up around the cylinders of the engine. This system is designed to be a safe and effective way to remove that contaminated oil with no loss of oil pressure at any time. The Scavenger System pushes the dirty oil out of the bike by supplying fresh oil through the engine pump and re-routing the dirty oil so that there’s no contamination of the clean oil. This is a great tool to have in your tool box at home if you are the kind of guy that likes to do your own services and a better setup to have if you are a shop owner offering a “complete oil change”. Included in your kit are the tools you need and the instructions (included is a Demo DVD) on the methods of flushing all the dirty oil out of your bike during the service. It’s a simple process that will only add a few minutes of time to a typical oil change — plus it’s really easy to use!

   Let’s take a litscavenge oil change system1tle deeper look into the system: The Fitting for the RC140 is CNC machined out of 1018 steel and finished with a black oxide coating. The suction hose is open mesh polyester braid encapsulated in walls of clear, flexible PVC hose. A crystal clear compound provides full visual access and a mirror smooth interior permits outstanding flow characteristics. The hose has flexibility similar to rubber but with a much longer life. The “puck” is CNC machined from 6061 Aircraft aluminum made to last a life time. Best of all, it is made in the USA. It’s easy-to-do, and each kit comes with printed instructions and photos to show you exactly how simple the Scavenger is. Plus, there is a toll-free number for questions for customer service. A 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee means a full refund is available if you’re not pleased with the results.

   One of the most important maintenance procedures we can do to extend the life of our bikes is to change the oil. Finally K and G Cycles ( offers a method that flushes the engine clean for a better oil change and extends the interval between oil changes by thousands of miles*. Quality parts that are engineered to last a lifetime will have you saying what most Scavenger customers say—“I’ll never change my oil the old way again.” The kits start at $53.00 for EVO models and range up to $135 for Twin Cam models.

*As with all motor vehicle maintenance plans, your riding habits and environment will influence your service intervals. You as the bike owner need to determine what frequency applies to your bike.

More Support is on The Way! Stronger Upper Fairing Supports

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| Posted on 07-04-2014

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   It is frustrating when we discover our Batwing Fairing Motorcycle from Milwaukee has broken fairing supports. What is even more puzzling is the fact the supports in question have been redesigned more than once and they are still having breakage issues. With as many potentially affected bikes out there, there needed to be a viable repair option so K and G Cycles ( set out to find one. Part # 31-0344 is a new kit to replace the weak supports with beefier, solid supports.

   When you pursupport repair kit 31-0344  chase this repair kit the first thing you will notice is the superior construction of the support brackets themselves. The included hardware is also a higher grade and includes lock nuts to ensure any movement is kept to the bare minimum. For good measure, the drill bit you need to complete the upgrade is even included. A rattling fairing is no fun for anyone so take matters into your own hands and bypass the weak factory supports that will fail again and again (we’ve been given reports of failure of the “New” and “redesigned” brackets as early as 5,000 miles after replacing them). So in addition to your 5K service, is it now standard fare to replace the fairing supports too? We don’t think it should be, and that is why we searched for this kit for you.

   It is time to take a stand and put an end to the excessive rattling for good. Installing a Batwing Fairing Upper Bracket Repair Kit is a sure fire way to avoid this. Everything you need to perform this upgrade is included in your purchase from K and G Cycles ( When you hit the road again, you will want to tell all your friends the difference your purchase made and just how simple it was. Contact us today.

Bone Mountain Motor Gear – Simple Storage in the Least Expected Place

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| Posted on 06-04-2014

Category : Great Products

   At one time or another we discover there is not enough room on a motorcycle to stash all of our travel necessities. That frustration builds to a more fevered pitch when you include the passenger. Our story begins back in 2008 when Lisa and Jim came home with a Touring Bike from their local H-D dealer. It was at that time Lisa learned she could store quite a bit of stuff inside the back flap of the Rider Backrest on their new bike. All was good with the world. Well fast forward to 2011 when James came home with a new bike. The bike itself was not a big deal, the redesigned Rider Backrest was. Gone was the storage capability found in the previous model and that brought with it a lot of upset. This simply wouldn’t do so Lisa set out to remedy the situation. After searching high and low and near and far, it was realized she needed to produce a solution. The Bone Mountain Backrest Organizer was born! The end result of over 3,000 miles of research and development in weather conditions that ranged from 100° +  days to 20° mountain nights. In addition countless hours of conversations with riders and passengers were logged along the way. Like most new products, there were a few developmental versions and the most functional design was selected. Using the most durable materials they created a product that is weather-resistant while allowing comfortable use on and off the motorcycle.

   Because K abone-adnd G Cycles  ( is constantly in search of amazing new products we are proud to welcome Bone Mountain on board. Born out of necessity, Bone Mountain Motor Gear was launched and passenger convenience was once again available. This time with a twist. The Bones had designed extra storage into a simple to use Rider Backrest cover. Instead of a small pocket in the back side, you have the option of a pocket plus two pouches and a netted beverage sleeve. Now that you have a well designed stash location for your gear, what do you do when you reach your destination? Here comes the clever part – you attach the supplied strap, pull it off the bike and now the ladies have a handy over the shoulder bag. How’s that for convenience? You never have to leave your belongings on the bike.

High points include:

  •  Made in the USA
  • Drink holder with velcro strap to keep it securely in place
  • Smaller pockets for camera, wallet or cell phone and more
  • Large interior pocket
  • Adjustable strap included

Wanting to offer up the same convenience to riders of other bikes, this model also fits multiple backrests, including:

  • Signature Series Seat w/ Rider Backrest (Softail)
  • Short Passenger Backrest Pads (Touring)
  • H-D Adjustable Rider Backrest (’09-’13)
  • H-D Fixed Rider Backrest (’09-’13)
  • Most Round Bar Passenger Backrest Pads (Dyna)

With the Bonebone on the bike Mountain Motor Gear Backrest Organizer, your passenger no longer has a limit to their travel possessions, nor do they need to juggle them while riding down the road. They will thank you for the addition to the bike and for increasing their comfort during the ride. Gone are the days of “Honey can you hand me the ……. out of the windshield bag” or ” We’ve got to go back, I dropped ……”  They are now responsible for their own travel goodies. Contact K and G Cycles ( and order up your own Bone Mountain Backrest Organizer.

Giving your Bike a new look with Saddlebag Extensions

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| Posted on 01-04-2014

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   For those of you wanting your bike to be different from the rest, Saddlebag Extensions are a simple way to make that dream a reality. Not everyone can afford the luxury of a custom paint job, aftermarket wheels, or to purchase a custom built bike, or might not want to. Still they want their ride to be one of a kind. K and G Cycles ( is glad to make your customization dreams a reality with saddlebag extensions from CycleSmiths. They will give you a cool custom look for a few crisp bills, as opposed to a few thousand dollars. 3 distinct designs with numerous different finishes allow you to select one that works for your application.

   Dual bag extensionsExhaust Models – H-D Touring Class Motorcycles with Dual exhaust built from 1993 to present, (except for Road King Classic w/leather bags and CVO stretched bags). Cycle Smiths advanced design even works with OEM saddlebag rails. The custom extensions overlap the saddlebag approximately 1″ and extend the bag down visually approximately 2 7/8″. Knowing most H-D Riders have installed aftermarket exhaust, oversize cut-outs accommodate up to 6″ diameter mufflers. Installation is easy. 4 fasteners bolt the extension to the bottom of the bag, and you’re done. Saddlebags remain fully functional, and to date, no one has “dragged ‘em” yet.  This looks really kool and gives your bike a great, low look.

   2 chrome extensioninto 1 Models -  These are pretty much the same as the Dual Exhaust version, but only have the relief cut on one side. Installation is the simple 4 point fastener. Set up with a 1″overlap, and 2 7/8″ visual extension, customization is available to you performance minded individuals. Finally someone has given you the opportunity to have the bags look right. Nothing says custom more than a muffler poking out of the right side saddlebag, while the left has no outlet.

   Custom Application Modsdl f blk extels – When there is no need for exhaust cutouts, CycleSmiths have designed extensions for you. Available in the same selection of finishes as the other extensions, but intended for applications where stock configuration exhaust is not being used. RECOMMENDATION:Use for long skinny pipes when the end of the pipe extends past the rear of the saddlebag for more than 2″. A great addition to Fish Tail End Cap exhaust. Also a great look for the Radius Pipes that dump before the saddlebags. This looks really kool and makes your bike look nice and low – Fits all 1993 to current Harley-Davidson touring saddlebags (except for Road King Classic leather bags and CVO stretched bags) and will work with saddlebag rails.

   When comes time to add the finishing touches to your motorcycles, look no further than K and G Cycles ( for custom saddlebag extensions from CycleSmiths. Big motorcycle customization giving you a one of a kind look, that won’t break the bank.

Hawg Wired, Guitly of Producing Audio Enhancement Products that Work.

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| Posted on 31-03-2014

Category : Great Products

   I think it is safe to say the factory sound on your Milwaukee V-Twin is anything but stellar, and lacks any real dynamic range. That is until now! K and G Cycles ( is now offering audio enhancement products by Hawg Wired. Today we are going to showcase Gauge Mount Tweeters from Hawg Wired. This tweeter system is designed to install in the empty gauge pods on your FLHT or FLTR models. This is an honest plug and play addition to your sound system that will transform your music from ho hum to HOT DOG!.

guage tweeters bring better sound to your touring bike   This add-on tweeter package from Hawg Wired comes with everything you need to complete the job (2 Tweeter Modules, 2 Crossover Modules, and 1 set of installation hardware). These easy to install tweeters have a housing that securely locks into place in the empty gauge cut out in your fairing. The package also comes with 2 crossovers that effectively separate frequencies for a fuller sound stage. Between the models of bikes that don’t come with four gauges, along with the common desire to add more sound, it is time a solution was offered. Other then the small amount of time for installation, nothing else is required. Some of the key features this all in one kit from Hawg Wired brings to the table are…

  • guage tweeters installed, the look nice Plug and play connections – makes installation a breeze
  • Fits FLHT/FLTR style fairings – Works on any H-D Touring Bike with a factory fairing
  • 100% weather resistant – will with stand whatever Mother Nature throws your way
  • No drilling or cutting required – what more needs to be said
  • 3rd order 18 db/octave Crossover – frequency separation giving you broader dynamic range and increased sound stage
  • 50 Watts RMS, 100 Watts Peak Rating – substantial power handling
  • Sensitivity, SPL: 93dB +/-2dB / 1W @ 1M – superior sound quality
  • Magnet, 28mm x 8.5mm Neodymium type – high quality build to withstand punishment

Having great sounding tunes can make a good ride great. Head on over to K and G Cycles ( and snag a pair of these amazing tweeters from Hawg Wired. Once you’ve get them installed on your bike, you’ll feel the difference in your music. From start to finish, you get everything you need, an easy installation, and the end result is great sound system.

Chrome “Trim” for your Motorcycle completes the Look

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| Posted on 30-03-2014

Category : Great Products

   Well it looks like another season of two wheeled mayhem is upon us. It’s time to discover new roads, new friends, and new Chrome. Why not show off all the work you’ve done to the bike over time. You’ve started to notice others seem to have a finished look to their motorcycles while yours is lacking. What do you do? Well depending on the level of greatness you want for your bike, you add the proverbial icing and the sprinkles to your ride.  K and G Cycles ( knows you want to obtain that certain look for your motorcycle and wants to help you get there. I want to take the time today and show you 3 areas you might have overlooked along the way.

   There is no denchrome capsying when the Motor Company built your bike, they wanted you to take a blank canvas and make a work of art. Suspecting the vast majority of us would like to have as much chrome as possible installed on our bikes, they used a lot of polished materials. This looks good but leaves a bit to be desired so we want to offer a solution. No matter what bike you ride, almost every nut and bolt is lacking shine. You could replace all your nuts and bolt with Chrome Hardware, but that could prove to be time consuming and very costly. Installing a set of Chrome Bolt Caps will add a seamless look to your bike at a fraction of the cost. While most covers are friction fit, there are a few that will need to have a dab of silicone applied to keep it in place. Available in complete kits or by the size, Chrome Bolt Caps complete the look for a fraction of the cost and require far less labor to install.

   Next I’d like to21-0561 shifter linkage bring up the installation of new Shifter Linkage. From the factory this has to be the most boring area on the bike. We usually forget about it because as we ride, it is hidden behind our foot, and when the bike is parked, it is on the low side. All in all, that shouldn’t matter, if we are truly going to transform the look of the motorcycle, we need to complete the job. Replacement shifter linkage is available in a whole range of shapes and styles to compliment any look. Improving the dead looks of an area on your bike has never been easier. When you upgrade your Shift Linkage your bike gets noticed because it shows everyone you pay attention to the details.

   Let’s keep th26-0789 chrome leverse train rolling with a customization that is a little more likely to be noticed by all – Control Levers. Burdened with living in the harshest area on the bike (bug fall out, sweat and oils from our hands, and all the road debris they can handle. Because of this, you may ask, “Why would I want to upgrade?” That is a very good question and I have an answer – When you upgrade your controls, you often select a more durable finish that results in less foreign object intrusion. Also with a Chrome finish, it is much less porous and won’t be affected by sweat and oils as much. Yet another benefit of upgrading controls is having new ones that are more ergonomically friendly. So by replacing the factory control levers you can possibly increase your comfort, decrease your cleaning time, and end up with a hot new look sure to make others jealous.

   Increasing the visual appeal of our motorcycles is something we all strive to accomplish but many of us fail to complete. Installing finishing touches of Chrome can be the difference of a Ribbon or Trophy. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and complete the look of your bike. Show off your hard work and smile as the crowd cheers.

Keeping it Cool with Cooler Luggage

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| Posted on 27-03-2014

Category : Great Products

   As we plan our vacations, extended rides and weekend getaways, one aspect we seem to finding more and more attractive is bringing along our own food and drinks. To do this effectively, we need some type of cooler to contain our perishables. The aftermarket world has caught onto this and has come up with some pretty interesting approaches. We’ve sifted through them and have made available at K and G Cycles ( the few that have risen to the top.

   First up iunik-9324-PLs this cavernous sissy bar bag measuring 15″ x 13″ x 6.5″, capable of carrying a days worth of goodies. A stylish leather looking bag made of PVC giving it durability for years of service. Available in a plain (UNIK-9324.PL) or studded version (UNIK-9324.00) to match your bikes theme, decor, personality or whatever you call it. Though this bag was intended to be used on sissy bars, it can be attached to a tour pack luggage rack also. Due to its size, if you are flying solo you can also stash it between you and the passenger backrest so you don’t eat up valuable luggage rack space.

   Next for youBM-Cooler-004r consideration is the Tour Pak Cooler (Part # BM-COOLER) from Bone Mountain Motorcycle Gear. Designed to provide you cooling for up to 24 cans and still give you room in your Tour Pack. Built in to the lid is the easy-access pocket that allows for quick retrieval of chilled items. In addition to the zippered main compartment, there is also a zippered front compartment. To keep the pressures of 24 cans plus ice from taking its toll, Backsaver technology is employed to combat the associated strain of a loaded cooler. To keep your gear in the Tour Pack safe, an Ultra Safe leak-proof PEVA lining is utilized. Best of all when you aren’t using it, the cooler collapses for easy storage.

   These are 2 great options for bringing along items that need to be kept cool and they won’t compromise your storage capabilities. Stylish, effective, handy, and best of all priced right. Contact K and G Cycles (www, today and be prepared for your next excursion with your special PB&J or Club Sandwich and favorite beverage.

Rolling Sound and Beauty in 1 Speaker Package

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| Posted on 26-03-2014

Category : Great Products

   In this fast paced world we live in, like riding a motorcycle, music is a release for many of us. Put the 2 together and we are set for a great day. What do you do if your bike doesn’t have speakers on it? K and G Cycles ( has a couple of solutions from Kuryakyn that can bring you tunes when you travel. The Sound of Chrome is a good looking way to add music to your motorcycle.

   Kuryakyn hsond-of-chromeas been in the Motorcycle Chrome and Accessory business for some time so it should be no surprise they are providing industry leading products that customers have been asking for and that includes mobile sound. Just because you don’t ride one of the Touring bikes that have a factory stereo doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy your music on the road. The Sound of Chrome Music System is a speaker and amp system that mounts to the handlebars and accepts music sources that have a 3.5mm output. Smartphones, iPods, MP3 Players, Satellite Radio, even portable CD players can be used with the speaker system to provide you miles of entertainment.

   Check out the great features of The Sound of Chrome Motorcycle Speaker System:

  • 3″ main speakers with additional tweeters for full bodied sound
  • A weatherproof bullet housing has a powerful built-in true 50 watt amplifier and includes a volume and on/off control switch
  • Convenient swivel adjustment gives you the freedom to position speakers in any direction you choose
  • Includes a full plug-n-play wiring harness, noise purifier and standard 3.5 mm jack, simply connect your iPod, MP3 player, satellite radio, personal CD player, etc.
  • Not suggested for use with FM/AM radio.
  • Available in Brilliant Chrome or Black to match most applications

When you want a great sounding, powerful speaker system for your motorcycle, contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( and order up The Sound of Chrome System from Kuryakyn. Great Looks, powerful sound, system versatility, ease of use make this one of the easiest to use speaker systems around. Plus it comes from a name you trust.


Taking a Beverage with You – Motorcycle Drink Holders

Posted By: Don Kopach

| Posted on 24-03-2014

Category : Great Products

   As motorcycle enthusiasts, we like to spend as much time in the saddle as possible. This means we will often ride from fuel stop to fuel stop with no breaks in between. This also means we aren’t hydrating ourselves like we should. Is it because there is no place to stash a refreshing beverage? Motorcycles don’t come with the standard 3 drink holders per occupant. K and G Cycles ( wants to give you options for the rider and passenger when it comes to accessing a refreshing beverage while underway.

   Let’s first address the Rider and the choices available to them. There are temporary options, permanent options, and semi-permanent options available and they are priced for every budget.

  •    To start off we plus two drink holder 41110 bring you quite possibly the simplest and most affordable beverage carrier of the group (Part # 41110 ). A black, quick clamp drink holder from Plus Two Inc. is capable of transporting your beverage over many miles. With it’s patented non-slip secure clamping system, this holder will make sure your beverage stays in place and at the ready. Installation is so simple all you have to do is open the clamp, position it where you want, and close the clamp. The versatility is really what makes this unit shine. The drink holder will mount to almost anything, a circular, oval, triangular, rectangular or square fixture up to 2 inches thick so your mounting options are endless. It is also capable of carrying drinks up to 20 oz. making it the perfect travel companion. Add in the durable poly construction plus rust resistant zinc plated hardware and the service life has no end in sight.
  •    Up next for ykruzer-kaddy-quad-viewour consideration is Kruzer Kaddy line of beverage carriers. One of the most popular drink holders on the market, Kruzer Kaddy is designed to accommodate a wide range of installation choices: Handlebar Mount, Switch Housing Mount, Detachable Windshield Mount, plus one design even mounts on round or square stock. In addition to the many mounting options, you will have to choose from the multitude of finishes available – Chrome, Black, Leather, Camouflage, Silver Satin and more. The Kruzer Kaddy comes with foam inserts that allow you to haul up to a 20 oz. beverage and is also available with a 20 oz. Travel Mug.
  •    Though nbar bag drink holderot the most convenient for the rider, owners of Touring bikes that employ saddlebag guards can use these Left or Right Bar Bags and the supplied drink bottles to quench their thirst plus gain some storage as well. These handy pouches fit over your existing saddlebag guards and are secured in place by snap flaps. Each Bar Bag comes with a drink bottle and a built in storage pocket for those items you need to keep handy. If you choose to install left and right sides, you and your passenger can enjoy refreshments while out for a ride and add some stylish storage at the same time.
  •    Moving on tbone on the bikeo passenger convenience, we look between the seats and discover the Backrest Organizer from Bone Mountain. When the H-D Rider Backrests were redesigned and the storage compartment disappeared Bone Mountain set out to give Touring passengers the storage they had become accustomed to. Improving upon the original design, the Backrest Organizer was introduced and featured a drink holder pocket allowing the passenger to hydrate at will. Though not recommended for travel mugs (specially with hot contents) most 20 oz. Soda and Water bottles work just fine.
  •    As we travel ekuryakyn-t-pak-drink-holder  ven further back on the the motorcycle we notice a drink holder attached to the Tour Pack. There is nothing better than functional Chrome, especially since when it delivers a convenience for the passenger. Your passenger can now go the extra mile with the new passenger drink holders for the Ultra Classic. These non intrusive & easy to reach drink holders are ready for your favorite beverage. By using beautiful chrome plating that is durable & made to last, these passenger drink holders look as good as they work.

   Thorough enjoyment of your ride is now possible with drink holders for you and your passenger. With finishes to compliment your ride and affordable offerings in every budget range, there is no reason for you to become dehydrated as you ride. Check out all the drink holders we have to offer at K and G Cycles ( and enjoy a refreshing beverage anywhere, anytime.