It’s Time to Start Gearing up for the Cold

   For many, Winter means putting the motorcycles in storage until Spring comes around. For those deciding to keep that trusty steed ready to ride when all that is needed is a clean road and a tank of fuel, K and G Cycles ( wants you to know there are some things to consider before trekking out into Mother Natures Icebox. Proper Cold Weather/Winter Riding Gear is a must, especially if you plan on staying on the road for any length of time when its cold. This topic can be attacked from many different directions, we’ll go rider, then bike, so sit back and hang on cuz here we go!

Aqua tour HH-6011-1605-04  Most Winter temps will have us leaving the leathers behind in favor of jackets with quilted liners that can be removed if the sun shines too bright. A great jacket to add to your Cold Weather Riding Gear is the Fieldsheer Aqua Tour 2.0. Aside from offering full sleeve zip-out quilted liners for warmth, this jacket has many other great features:

•600D Carbolex® outer shell

•1680D ballistic overlay on elbows

•YKK front zipper closure

•CE approved armor in shoulder and elbows with SP Memory Foam® back pad

•Phosolite® reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility

•Rainguard® 100% waterproof, breathable barrier

•Adjustable Velcro® waist tabs

•Ram Air® shoulder, sleeve and back vents for maximum air flow

•Zip-out full sleeve quilted liner with 100g poly-fil insulation

•Adjustable upper and lower sleeve take ups help secure armor in place

•Two hand warmer pockets, two Chest Measurement pockets, zippered map pocket and two cargo lining pockets plus phone and cargo pockets on removable liner

•Microfiber padded collar

•8 zipper pants connection plus universal belt snap

   So you see, you can have a winter riding jacket that gives you all the options of your warm weather gear, while fighting off the cold and winning.

Polar Tex 2.0 HH-8424-0205-74    The right pair of gloves can be the difference between continued enjoyment of the clean crisp air or the misery of being chilled to the bone. Gloves come in all sorts of fabrics and designs all with the goal of keeping you warm and able to operate your controls. You can choose glove liners and use your current gloves or choose gloves specifically for cold weather riding like the Polar Tex 2.0. Fortified with features intent on keeping you warm and protected.

600 denier polyester and goatskin leather construction featuring:

• 100g 3M Thinsulate™ Flex insulation
• Goatskin leather palm and thumb with a padded palm patch
• Soft, polyester fleece inner lining
• Waterproof and breathable barrier
• Leather throttle guard between the thumb and index finger
• Floating knuckle design and articulated fingers• Adjustable wrist closure with an elasticized wrist band• Self-activating toggle gauntlet closure• Pre-curved palm and fingers

   There isn’t much sense to getting the right jacket and gloves unless you plan on buying pants too. Fieldsheer makes a great over pant that will keep the cold at bay while providing you protection - The Mercury 2.0 Pant

•600D Carbolex® ofieldsheer mercury pantuter shell with 1680D ballistic overlay in high impact areas

•CE approved armor in knees

•SP Memory Foam® hip pads

•Front thigh vents

•3-step adjustable knee armor pocket

•Phosolite® reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility

•Rainguard® 100% waterproof, breathable barrier

•Adjustable Velcro® waist tabs

•Elasticized stretch panel at waistband

•2-way full side leg zip for easy wearing

•Zip-out quilted liner with 100g poly-fill insulation

•Two front hand pockets and two pack pockets

•Zipper jacket connection

   As you are aware, all of the above components of cold weather/winter riding gear are available in heated versions from various manufacturers, some require plugs and thermostats,while others are high tech and carry their own rechargeable batteries so there is nothing to install on the bike. Beyond proper cold weather gear there are a few more Winter Defense devices you can employ to ensure your comfort when battling cold temps.

heated chrome grips    Heated Grips will keep your hands even warmer and can actually be used all year. When temps drop unexpectedly, your path takes you through the cooler valleys, or someone forgot to turn on the heater outside, heated grips are a Gift from The Gods. Available in many styles from simplistic black rubber to over the top show chrome designs. Adjustable thermostats control the heat intensity desired according to the weather. Designed to be used in conjunction with gloves, heated grips can be used without them, just make sure you adjust the temperature accordingly so you do not burn yourself. Aside from the traditional electric grip assembly, there are products that let you retain your custom grips by inserting a heating element into the handlebars thus heating the grips by heating the bars. Heat Demons are available for the vast range of throttle set ups from traditional push/pull to modern fly by wire designs.

   Another piecfx winshield 51-0294e in the challenge to keep oneself warmer while motorcycling through the winter months is the windshield. We tend to choose the minimal, “cool” looking, less than functional windshield during the summer months, but for Winter travel our needs change. The easy answer is to install a taller windshield, however if you still want to look “Cool” while being out in the cold, you may want an over-sized windshield that gives you increased coverage. Diverting as much wind away from you will let you experience the most warmth and comfort available.

   One last steppac a derms in your war on “The Cold” if you don’t have lower fairings, but have an engine guard, you can install an accessory that will provide maximum protection against cold wind and water spray creating an essential barrier from the elements ensuring a warm, comfortable ride. Built using heavy duty weather resistant marine grade vinyl and corrosion resistant mounting hardware, they will withstand the elements for many years. Pac-A-Derms even have cut-outs allowing the retention of highway pegs. The easy on, easy off design make these a great addition to any bike because they are compact enough to store in a saddlebag when not in use.

   Winter riding is fully feasible when you have the proper equipment and road conditions are right. Call K and G Cycles ( to get everything you need for your winter travels today. You’ll be happy you did.

Reliable GPS Tracking for your Ride

With the economic uncertainty today, we have seen the number of motor vehicle thefts rise. You could install an alarm on your vehicle, but with a desensitized as we have become to them, we simply ignore them. What we really need is a location device that tells us where those dirty so and so’s have taken our stuff. K and G Cycles ( has searched high and low to bring you just what you are looking for. The FIN (Find It Now) Security System.

 Sure you are going FIN_Logo_GPS_2009to say, “What makes this any different from all the alarms out there?” Well to begin with it isn’t just an alarm. The FIN (Find It Now) Security System is designed exclusively for motorcycles and the power sports industry in general and uses exclusive GPS tracking to locate your vehicle if it is ever stolen. Made by riders for riders, these units are manufactured here in the U.S.A. by a company that is owned and operated by veterans. Because of its long list of features and benefits, it is the premiere security unit available for motorcycles.

• ALERT… If the Bike is moved, the Owner will receive a Text message and/or Email Alert

• LOCATE… In the event of a theft, the Owner and/or the FIN Tracking Center can immediately TRACK and LOCATE the Bike.

• RECOVER… After locating the Bike, the Owner and/or the FIN Tracking Center can interface with the Police to quickly RECOVER the Bike.

How It WShark-ART_faceleft_GPS.jpgorks Details:

• FIN Locate – You can locate the FIN equipped vehicle from any computer, smart phone or tablet that connects to the internet.

• Auto-Report – Once daily FIN will report it’s location if there has been no other activity.

• Boundary Notification – Settings allowing the Owner to position multiple perimeter notifications. If the boundary is entered or exited, the Owner will receive notification.

• Speedy Alert – will notify the owner if the Bike is going over the preset speed.

• FIN Virtual Odometer – will accumulate mileage and/or the run time of the vehicle and through our proprietary software will then send scheduled Service Notifications to the Owner, advising them to return to their dealer for service.

• Power Management – FIN draws less than 1 -mA in Sleep Mode

• Low Battery Alert – When the Bike battery drops below the prescribed safe level, Text and Email notification Alerts will be sent.

• Battery Tamper Alert – If the power is out to the Bike or the FIN unit, a Text and Email alert will be sent.

• Battery Back-Up – In the event a thief cuts the main battery cable, FIN’s back-up battery will take over so you or the FIN Tracking Center can continue to locate your bike.

• Easy Installation – This small unit is a very easy do-it-yourself install or you can have any car alarm/stereo shop install it. Plus it is small and can be easily hidden on your motorcycle, is water resistant (also used on boats and PWCs) and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

• Coverage – FIN Coverage Area includes all of North America – U.S., Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands!

 K and G Cycles(www, doesn’t want your bike to become a statistic. Installation of The Fin Security System will aid you and Law Enforcement in the immediate return of your motorcycle should it ever be taken. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about The FIN, and below you will see feature comparisons with the highly popular “Lo-Jack” system. Take a look for yourself and see the advantages of The FIN Security System. 

*For Security Purposes, no product images shall be revealed as they would enable thieves.*

FIN® and LoJack® Comparison
  FIN® LoJack®
Will it alert right away if my bike is moved? YES See Below*
Am I able to track my bike on the Internet in real time? YES NO
Will I be notified right away if my bike is stolen? YES See Below*
Can I track my bike as soon as it is stolen? YES NO
Is there early warning protection at install? YES NO
Is there nationwide coverage? YES NO
Can I view a history of where my bike has been? YES NO
Can I set a boundary alert (GEO Fence)? YES NO
Can I set a max speed notification? YES NO
Will I get an alert of my battery is low? YES NO
Will I be notified if the bike power has been disconnected? YES NO
Is it transferable to another bike? YES NO
Is it water resistant? YES YES
Do I need to file a police report to start the process? NO YES
Do police forces need special equipment for it to work? NO YES
Does my bike need to be registered? NO YES

* Obtained from LoJack® owners manual, 9/10/11:

“Typically, you are notified within 15-30 minutes after your

motorcycle begins moving without the Key Pass. However,

this time may vary depending on your coverage area, but

should not exceed one hour.”

Can a New Seat Make that Much Difference?

   It seems more often than not, we overlook our seat when searching for comfort on our motorcycle. We will install a new suspension, lower the bike, and play with air pressures to try and reach our desired comfort level. A new seat can bring a whole new riding experience to our beloved bikes. K and G Cycles ( has a seat available for whatever model motorcycle you ride and fitments for a wide range of years. Replacing your motorcycles seat is one of the simplest upgrades you can perform on your motorcycle. A new seat can mean the difference of your ride lasting a few miles or a few hours. Some of the most established and respected names in the Seat Industry are Mustang, Le Pera, and Corbin Gentry just to name a few and you can pick them up right here.

mustang seat 27272   One reason for installing a new seat is the padding has broken down or flattened, no longer providing cushion to the rider or passenger. Many factors can lead to this condition like inferior production materials, exposure to excessive heat, or even too much time in the saddle. Another reason for seeking a new saddle might be the desire to have your seat match the new paint or design the bike has recently acquired. Finally, you may be in search of a new seat because you are going to travel much more and know you will need the increased comfort. Regardless of your reasons for wanting or needing a new seat, you can rest easy knowing there are high quality replacements available, with many employing memory foam and surgical gel to increase rider and passenger comfort. In addition there are even seat heating elements available that can be added to your new seat that lets you extend your riding day as well as the season.

   So you see, upgrading your seat to a new, more comfortable model is relatively easy these days. With units available for most models, you will find shopping for the replacement fairly easy, especially when you shop the great selection K and G Cycles ( has for you. Comfort is just a call away!

Heat Demon Warms your Saddle as Cooler Temps Arrive

   Have you been looking to upgrade your standard motorcycle seat, to a heated motorcycle seat but don’t have the extra cash?  If you are able to run a staple gun, you can install Heat Demon Seat Warmers for much less than purchasing a new heated seat from your local dealer. K and G Cycles ( has just what you need, and our very own Operations Manager chronicled the install for you.

   When the temperature drops, are you going to go home, or will you keep riding? Put a little heat in your seat and enjoy the riding season long after most other riders have called it quits. Heat Demon Motorcycle Seat Heaters offer an innovative warm seat experience for the riders who just refuse to quit. The universal fit carbon fiber seat heaters install easily on any bike, providing comfort and warmth for riders of all bikes.


For reference, all photos will be used while installing the Heat Demon’s on a 2008 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic motorcycle.

Note: Heater is designed to be installed beneath the vinyl/leather cover of the seat.

Heat Demon Specifications:

• 20 Watt carbon fiber heating element

• Increases riding safety and comfort

• Ultra thin and flexible

• Fast warm-up

• Easy to install

Tools that you will need for this installation :

•  Small tipped flat screw driver

•  Long nosed pliers

•  Staple Gun

•  3/8” Drill Bit

•  13/16” Drill Bit

•  Razor blade

•  Black sharpie

Additional Items you may want to purchase:

• 1 – Two wire wiring harness that have quick disconnects

• Inline fuse

Step 1:staple-pulling  To get started you will need to remove your motorcycle seat.  I would recommend that you connect the wiring harness to the battery first so that you can test the Heat Demons prior to installation.   Your Heat Demon’s should have come with installation instructions, and the wiring diagram for the seat heaters.  You can see Step 10 for wiring steps.  I have also included the wiring diagram below in Step 10 for your over view of the wiring layout.

Step 2: Turn the motorcycle seat over to start the staple removal process.  It is best not to remove all of the staples at one time.  Using a small tipped flat screw driver, wedge it under the staples and slowly apply pressure.  This should allow you to ease the staple from the seat and the leather.  If you need additional help once the staple has been pulled halfway from the seat use long nosed pliers to complete the removal from the seat.  I do not recommend only using the long nosed pliers, as this may cause damage to the leather.

Step 3:large seat foam Now that you have removed the staples from the leather/Vinyl on the front of the seat, you should then be able to flip the seat over in the upright position and pull the leather back towards the backside of the seat.(See the examples below.) This should expose the foam of the seat.  Once you have the foam exposed look it over to ensure there are no defects or problems with the foam.  Also if the foam has a clear plastic liner between it and the leather, remove the plastic from the seat.

Step 4:
To insure that you have 100% working heaters prior to full installation I recommend that you test these heaters first prior to mounting them to the foam of the seat.  It is far better to discover you have a problem with the heaters now, then discover there is problem after you have already reassembled the seat.

Step 5: Once you know the heat pad does heat up, it is now time to install it on to the foam seat. You now need to consider where you want to mount the heat pad, as well as how you are planning on routing the wires. This is important so they are not visible once you place the leather seat cover back over the top of the foam.  Once you’ve selected the route you want to run the wiring, slowly remove the 3M sticker off the back of the heat pad.  Once the backing has been removed, place the heat pad (sticky side down) in the area that you would like to have heated. Make sure to press down on the heater to insure good adhesion between the seat and the seat heater.  Note: A thin layer of foam may be placed over the top of the heater to reduce the visibility of the heater through the seat cover. Make sure to route the wires for the heat pad to the bottom side of the seat.

Note: Removing the foam and drilling a small hole through the bottom of the seat may make installation easier.

Once the wires have bdouble-heateen routed so they will not show once the leather is placed back into position, you will need to ensure that the heat pad is flat against the foam.  Next pull the leather cover back down into position, covering the seat foam. Once the leather has been pulled tight against the foam, this would be a good time to install 4-5 staples into the front section of the leather on the seat. However you do not want to put any staples within 6 inches of the area where you plan on installing the rocker switches.

   Now that the front section of the seat is complete, it is time to prepare to insert the heaters for the passenger section of the seat.  If you do not wish to install passenger heat pads, please go to Step 7:

Step 6: Next turn the seat over, and remove the staples for the passenger section of the seat. Again, I would suggest removing these staples with a flathead screw driver, and if needed use a pair of long nose pliers.

After you have removed all of the old staples from the seat, you now need to pull the leather seat cover back to expose the foam for the passenger seat.   If this section of the seat has a thin piece of clear plastic, I recommend removing the plastic to only leave the foam section of the seat showing.

Step 7: Once you know that the heat pad does heat up it’s time to install the Heat Demon for the passenger section of your seat.  Making sure the foam on the seat is clean of dirt.  Now determine where the passenger normally sits on the seat, as well a route for the wires from the heating element through the seat to the bottom side of the finished seat. Again, it is best to conceal the wire so it doesn’t show once you place the leather of the seat back over it.  This will eliminate any visible creases from the wire.  Once you’ve selected the route you want to run the wiring, slowly remove the 3M sticker from the back of the heat pad. Once the backing has been removed, place the heat pad (sticky side down) in the area that you would like to have heated. Route the wires for the heat pad to the bottom side of the seat.

Once you are satisfied with the positioning of wires and heaters, pull the leather back into place.  At this stage you do not want to install any more staples until the remaining steps completed.

Step 8:switch marking You are now ready to prepare the foam and cut the hole in the foam that will house the control switches for the Heat Demons. The standard position for motorcycle heated seat switches is normally on the left side, or port side of the motorcycle seat. For myself I found the easiest way mark the area to be cut, was to place the switch in the desired area and with a sharpie marker draw a line around the outside of the switch. This provided me a good reference point to use during the cutting process of the foam.

Step 9:drilling photos Now that you have the area marked where you want to mount the switch, it is time to cut the hole out of the seat foam. Take a sharp razor knife to cut out the holes, I would suggest cutting the hole slightly smaller than the inside of the circle you’ve marked for the switches. This way it will fit snug in the hole and it will not slide out easily. You can always remove a little more foam if you’ve not cut out enough.

   After confirming the switch fits securely in the newly cut holes, it is time to make the hole in the leather. Once you have the leather pulled back over the foam, you should be able to rub your finger over the hole for the switch. This should allow you to see an outline of the area. I found by taking a black sharpie and placing a dot in the center of the hole to use as a guide, I know where to begin to cut through the leather for the seat.

   Once you have selected the best location for the seat switches, we will now need to drill a hole for each switch.  I first used a 3/8” drill bit for a small pilot hole. The purpose of this hole is to route the wires through the foam to feed the switch, and through the metal or plastic seat pan.  After the pilot hole has been drilled you now need to drill the actual hole for the switch, you will need a 13/16” drill bit.  Prior to drilling the 13/16” hole, you need to make sure to have a small gap between the two switches. It is recommended there be at least ½” between the final cut outs. Unless you follow this suggestion, the two holes will be one large opening and will not allow the switches to have a secure mount..

   Once you have the hole(s) cut, it’s time to install the switches and hook up the wires.  Just make sure to follow the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer.  As well I have provided a wiring diagram in Step 10 for your reference.

Step 10:switches We now need to connect the wire harness to the battery. If you have already installed the wiring harness from the previous instructions, then skip this section.

For added protection, I would suggest an inline fuse for the + positive (red) side of the battery.  Place a ring terminal end on the side of your inline fuse that will be mounted to the positive post of the battery.  For the other end of the inline fuse I would suggest a butt splice, or solder and heat shrink the ends together .

   Next on the black negative wire, place another ring terminal end on one side, and a butt splice on the other, that will connect to the black wire on your wire harness.  Once you have both wires completed, connect them to the motorcycle’s battery. Make sure you do not have the harness connected to the motorcycle seat at this time.

   *Now that the wire harness is cowiring diagramnnected to the battery, this would be a great opportunity to verify that all other connections for the seat are working properly.  Place the seat on your motorcycle, and plug it into the harness and test to make sure that both switches are turning the Heat Demons on and off.

   Once you know the heater(s) are working, remove the seat from the motorcycle.  And turn it over and while keeping the leather pulled tight, using a staple gun install the staples to your seat.

   Now that you have installed all of the staples back into the seat, take the seat back to your motorcycle, hook up the harness from the seat to the battery, and mount the seat normally to your motorcycle. Test one last time to verify that both switches and Heat Demons are working properly.

    This product is available through K and G Cycles ( along with other heated items such as gloves, jackets and even foot warmers. Get ready for cooler weather now!

Shedding New Light on the Same Old Road

   Over the years lighting technology has improved leaps and bounds. Because of this, considerable upgrades to your motorcycles headlight are available. K and G Cycles ( is here to show you some improved options you now have to increase your visibility. Not only does an upgraded headlight improve your nighttime vision, it will increase your visibility to others as well.

   Upgraded lighting can carry a range of price tags so it is good to know your budget and know what to expect for that price range.

   For a minimal fee, super-white-bulbyou can upgrade the halogen headlight  bulb that resides in the housing. With multiple bulbs available you have the possibility of merely increasing the output to changing the color broadcast from the light. Pricing in this category ranges from the pre-teens to $75+, but the best aspect is they are all plug and play models that require nothing extra. True WhiteSuper WhitePlasma  You can have your pick of many levels of lighting intensity depending on your budget.

   Next up is the HHID-Bulb-33-0999ID light or High Intensity Discharge light. Known for creating an extremely bright light, because the light is so bright, they are often not D.O.T. certified. Partly due to the substantial increase in output, also due to the amount of extra heat generated within the headlight housing. You do need to pay close attention to the manufacturers installation instructions as they have been designed to accommodate for the additional system strain. If you don’t you could end up losing the light, damaging the wiring on your bike or worse. HID Lights are a brilliant addition to any lumen challenged motorcycle, but be aware the prices can raise sharply if this is the bulb you are after.

  Finally you have kuryakyn led headlightthe choice of L.E.D. headlights. These are usually complete housing replacements to insure the best seal from the elements as well as vibration dampening. L.E.D. lighting has really taken off in the Motorcycle World as it provides far superior light, longer lasting bulbs, cooler operating temps, and less current draw. In addition to the Headlamp, there are passing lamps available in L.E.D. configurations. You have the ability to completely change the look of your front end lighting while improving your vision and visibility.

   So you see, upgrading the headlight on your motorcycle can be very simple and yield great results. With prices ranging from less than $10 to a few hundred dollars there is something for all budgets. Contact your friendly Customer Service Tech here at K and G Cycles (www, to help you determine the best route for you.

More Rubber for your Bagger

   As every bike owner knows, the Winter months typically offer the least amount of riding opportunities. This is the time most of us choose to perform accessory installs, performance upgrades, new paint and more. Being an owner of a 2004 FLHT, I am particularly fond of the accessory I am about to show you, the Wide Swing Arm Kit for baggers. K and G Cycles ( is your online source for all your bagger customization needs.

   The days of bagger riders longing for the bagger 200 kit 51-1252powerful fat look of a wide tire are now over. Thanks to hours of engineering a 200mm Wide Tire Kit can easily be in your bike’s future. You can now transform any Touring Bike into a real road hog with a profile so sexy, even Nuns will blush. One cool thing about this kit is adding a 200mm tire to your ride just got a whole lot easier. Think of the vast improvement it is  over stock, without it being so big that it compromises the ride and handling of your bike. Some of the kits key features are a wider swingarm, an extended length axle, a Primary spacer, a raw steel fender, correct stainless steel Brackets, transmission offset, a complete gasket kit, all necessary hardware. An 1 1/8″ belt upgrade is required for those modifying a pre-’94 FLH. A wheel of your liking must be purchased separately.

   So you see, adding comfort, confidence, and stunning good looks can be accomplished with one modification, a 200mm Wide Tire Kit from one of the premiere Bagger Accessory companies out there. Available at K and G Cycles ( we’ve got everything you need to customize your ride and have it ready for that first ride come Spring.

Installing a new Look with LED Bulbs in the Fairing

   Who would have thought merely changing a light bulb would yield multiple rewards? Sure, initially it was done because a custom look was desired and the resulting effect was easier to read gauges during nighttime riding. This discovery was made by K and G Cycles ( very own Kevin Plummer when trying to customize the look of his 2008 Ultra.

   Hoping to achieve led lighted gaugesa one off look for his ride, Kevin chose the Blue L.E.D. light bulbs to compliment the color of his bike, so he went to work installing the replacement lights in the gauges that allowed. For some reason, the light bulbs on the Tach and Speedo can only be serviced by the manufacturer. He also decided to install Blue L.E.D. light bulbs for a back lit effect on the new 6.5″ fairing speakers he also installed using adapter rings from K and G Cycles( Having completed the job on a rare warm night in January, he decided to take The Ultra out for a spin. Not expecting anything other than the custom look initially sought, he soon learned his efforts offered up another benefit, a much easier to read gauge. Not sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him, he asked myself and another K and G Team Member to verify his findings. It seems the colors chosen by the factory do not offer a crisp, clean light and can actually fatigue the eyes at night.

   All the supplies needed to complete this modification are available from K and G Cycles ( and can have your ride sporting a new look at an affordable price. Don’t forget your eyes will thank you too. So see it is a win, win situation – custom look with better eyesight.

Pre-storage Maintenance is Easy with K and G

   Every season before we put the bike up for storage, it is a good idea to inspect the bike, clean it up, and do a little bit of maintenance. K and G Cycles ( is proud to be your source for everything you need to complete your maintenance needs according to the manufacturers recommendations.
   One of the simplest maintenance items to address is the spark plugs. Most V-twin motors call for 10,000 mile intervals on the spark plugs unless otherwise noted. I personally prefer new plugs every season, especially since they are relatively inexpensive, and directly affect my performance and fuel economy. You should always look at the color of your plugs when changing them because it will tell you exactly how your engine is performing. In general, a light tan/gray color tells you that the spark plug is operating at optimum temperature and that the engine is in good condition. Dark coloring, such as heavy black wet or dry deposits can indicate an overly-rich condition, too cold a heat range spark plug, a possible vacuum leak, low compression, overly retarded timing or too large a plug gap. If the deposits are wet, it can be an indication of a breached head gasket, poor oil control from ring or valve train problems or an extremely rich condition – depending on the nature of the liquid present at the firing tip.
Here are some conditions to look out for:
normal plug - yearly maintenance
Normal Condition
   Your motorcycles engine condition can be judged by the appearance of the spark plug’s firing end. If the firing end of a spark plug is toasty brown or light gray color, the engine condition can be judged to be good and the spark plug is functioning optimally. “Clean” plugs are often a result of optimum air and fuel mixture, as well as a motor that has reached desired operating temperature and remained there for an effective amount of time.
dry and wet plugs can reflect poor engine performanceDry and Wet Fouling
   Although there are many different cases, if the insulation resistance between the center electrode and the shell is over 10 ohms, the engine can be started normally. If the insulation resistance drops to zero ohms, the firing end is fouled by either wet or dry carbon. We often call this “Gas Fouled” because unburnt gas remains in the plug end. The accumulation of deposits on the firing end is influenced by oil leakage, fuel quality and the engine’s operating duration. Short runs are more prone to have deposit build up over engines that have been given a chance to reach ideal operating temperature.
accell wires providedeliver the fire to your engineSpark Plug Wires
   Another maintenance item you should always look at are the Spark Plug wires. Make sure both ends are seated securely  and there are no visible cracks or burnt spots as this will also decrease performance. Replacement Plug Wires can be had in a wide range from stock styles to neon flashing wires as well as thicker core performance wires. just like the spark plugs, plug wires start out with modest prices and can certainly travel into the outrageous.
oil changes are the life blood of your rideFluids
   Lastly, are your fluids fresh? Keeping fluid changes up to date and up to the recommended levels is very critical to your motorcycle. Not only do fresh fluids keep the engine, transmission, and primaries clean by suspending the contaminates within, they also contribute to overall temps. The less fluid you have, and or the dirtier the oils are, the less efficiently they will do their job, resulting in increased operating temps or worse – engine failure. Keep the oils changed in accordance with manufacturers maintenance specs and your bike will be a happy camper.
   Most of these conditions we will never experience with our motorcycles, especially if we adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule, but I felt the need to show you the importance of the extremes. This is also why I choose to change my plugs annually. It gives me a report card every season and keeps the situation under control by letting me address any abnormalities long before they become a bad situation. K and G Cycles ( has the spark plugs you need to keep your bike performing its best.

Get Slimmer Lines and Brighter Lights

   With thousands upon thousands of ways to customize your ride, aftermarket Turn Signals or Marker Lights can give your bike a one of a kind look. K and G Cycles ( has a huge selection of custom marker lights that are smaller, and offer more intense lighting options than the originals. Taking those big bulky factory lights and replacing them with smaller L.E.D. lights can actually increase your visual footprint and potentially increase your safety. Not only do many of the smaller lights offer better lighting, they also add smoother lines that compliment almost any bike.

   There are manymini turn signal kit different styles of custom Turn Signals to choose from so you can achieve the look you have been in search of. Whether you want a shrunken Bullet Housing design, a strut hugging light housing, or even a custom shape such as a Maltese Cross, your desires can be realized. Installing upgraded lighting is always a good idea so why not go for a total custom look and mount them on the front and rear of your motorcycle? Streamlining the contours of your bike gives you stand alone good looks, while making a personal statement. You will also have a bike that doesn’t look like all the other ones out there.

  When it comes time to perform an upgrade that not only provides custom looks, but adds a safety factor as well, look no further than custom marker lights. You can select from Red or Amber for the rear, or Amber for the front. Contact the friendly staff today at K and G Cycles ( and order up your new lighting. Its the easiest way to transform your ride from ho hum to killer cool all the while adding improved lighting and increasing safety.

Customizing your Ride can become a Sickness

   When it comes to customizing your bike, you want your investment to be unique. We don’t blame you. There is nothing more disheartening than completing the job and while you are out riding, you see virtually the same bike. K and G Cycles ( is here to change that. We have partnered with Greg’s Custom Cycles out of Florida to bring you some of the most unique accessories for your motorcycle. So sit back and get your hand on your pocket book because when I am done, you will be ready to purchase some new pieces for the ole girl. Let’s take a look at the Deep Sickness line of products, specifically the Deep Sickness Highway to Hell Engine Guard and the Deep Sickness Highway to Hell Bagger Bars.

   Up first is the Highway tDeep-Highway-Bars-02-01o Hell Bars, which will get the point across right away. Setting out with a mission to build custom accessories for the motorcyclist that is unable build the $100,000 Chopper, but still wants a custom flair to their current bike. Since most of us will install a highway bar at some time, why not make this the starting point of the transformation. The addition of a highway bar gives you 3 points if interest. 1) It provides a small amount of protection should the bike go over on its side. 2) It provides a mounting surface for highway pegs, increasing your comfort as you ride. 3) Depending on the bar chosen, it can increase your visual impact. The Deep Sickness Highway to Hell Bar also has a few points (6 to be exact). Looking like it came from a Mad Max Film, this Highway Bar was designed to be wicked and intimidating yet look right at home on many of today’s bikes. Another feature that keeps this bar in a class all by itself is they are not available in Chrome. They are available in Stainless Steel, Powdercoat Gloss or Matte Black, and ready to paint. This alone gives you buying confidence there will rarely be another bike like yours.

   For those wanting to highway to hell bagger barscontinue the Deep Sickness look further into their bike, Greg’s also offers Highway to Hell Bagger Bars. Replace those boring saddlebag guards with ones that bite back! Just like the highway bar, the Bagger Bars have that same wicked look that gives you a total custom look. They also come in the same finishes as the highway bars so you can have the same great look front to rear. If you are lacking saddlebag guards and add the Bagger Bars, you again increase the potential amount of protection for your bike.

   Obtaining a one of a kind look is simple when you install The Deep Sickness Highway to Hell Series Engine Guards and Saddlebag Guards from Greg’s Custom Cycles. All you have to do to make your bike a one of a kind masterpiece is contact K and G Cycles ( and order your new accessories today. Whether it is the Stainless finish, powdercoated, or even if you choose to have it painted to match the bike, you can rest easy there is probably not another bike with Deep Sickness parts in your neck of the woods like your bike.

Breast Cancer Awareness and Motorcycles go Hand in Hand

   Supporting The Cause, seems to be an all too common rally call these days. We all know motorcyclists are a giving crowd and when we support something, we give it our all. Because we undoubtedly all know someone affected by Breast Cancer, why not take this opportunity to show everyone your support even when you aren’t riding. K and G Cycles ( has assembled some accessories that will show the world your support for finding a cure.

   Being a motorcyclist and having a Sister-in-Law having recently been diagnosed with the disease, I can tell you it is not easy to see the effect it has on her. She has courageously undergone surgery to remove the cancerous lumps, and prepared herself for reconstruction surgery, only to be informed she must now endure chemo-therapy. Being a bald man, I have accepted my fate, things could be worse right? Well, even though we are taught to believe the real person lives inside the shell we see everyday, it is much more difficult to convince a woman of that. Up until the point the Doctors told her she would almost certainly lose her hair, she was dealing with her situation with a good amount of composer. There are a few things women define themselves by, one of them being their hair. The idea of loosing her hair dealt a devastating blow that has scared her very much. Now I am not going to get on a soapbox and preach until I am blue in the face, but I do hope we all have chosen our Causes to support. I have realigned my supported charities with the present situation and wanted to share the Accessories K and G Cycles is proud to offer in support of Breast Cancer.

   There comes a dPink awareness mc cover BBP-4-444PC  ay when we honestly care enough to keep our Bike, our Baby, our Investment covered protecting it from dust, dirt, water and more. We could buy any old cover, but since we are talking about supporting a Cause, why not purchase one that shows your support and is from the Premiere manufacturer of motorcycle covers Ultragard.  In an effort to encourage early detection, network support, and a cure for Breast Cancer, Ultragard has committed itself to help. In collaboration with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Ultragard has created a Limited Edition UltraGard Motorcycle Cover to help raise funds to support breast cancer research. While October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ultragard, in conjunction with participating vendors is now launching this Limited Edition line of covers with their own special Support The Cause box. This Limited Edition cover will be available in Medium Cruiser Cover, Large Cruiser Cover (with expandable windshield and sissy bar pockets), and Large Touring Cover. These Supporting The Cause covers are pink over charcoal with a pink ribbon noting your support. A portion from each purchase will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. The retail price has not been artificially increased, but is at UltraGard’s everyday low retail price.

   For those runningbreast cancer ignition cover a Touring Class bike, there is an accessory you can add to your bike that will remind you every time you start or stop your bike of your loved one. A finishing touch on any motorcycle, this Breast Cancer Awareness Ignition cover adds the final touch to your bike and hides the stock ignition switch with this very special ignition switch cover. Crafted from solid 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and hand inlaid with Pink Mother-of-Pearl shell.  In a remarkable move by the manufacturer, 100% of our profits from this piece will be donated to charities to help find a cure for breast cancer. You get to customize your bike, honor your loved one, and essentially make a donation for The Cause.  Since they are available in Black Anodized or  Show Chrome finishes, there is sure to be one that flows well with your bike. (order Part#HD-BC-ING)

   Now we all know there is goiBCA bandanna TR-509236ng to come a point when you or the Breast Cancer Patient will need to go for a ride. Sometimes a bandanna, do rag, head wrap, or whatever you want to call it is what we want to sport, and now you can do just that with Flydanna’s from Zanheadgear. Emblazoned with various forms of the trademark Pink Ribbon, the Flydanna is designed to offer adequate coverage, sun block, and style while supporting The Cause. Even if you have a little secret of thinning or no hair due to therapy, you can still be “one of the gang” with your do rag and no one is the wiser. Check out Part#TR-509236!

   Lastly, everyone needs a GBCA Pink ribbon bell BEA1086 uardian Bell for their bike, and if your passenger has been diagnosed with, is a survivor, or going through treatments, what better way to show the love than getting them their own Guardian Bell for the bike (Part#HL-BEA1086). Legend has it the bell rings at such a tone while you are riding down the road, it annoys the Road Gremlins and they keep clear of your bike. The bells are said to ensure safe travels by warding off the evil spirits looking to harm us. Since it is supposed to be a gift, we aren’t supposed to buy it for ourselves, why not let your passenger know, you want to help them fight off the evil that has attacked their body. Sure its all about superstition, hocus pocus, and mumbo jumbo, but sometimes that is what gets us through the day.

    Even though Breast Cancer strikes men too, it seems its primary target is women. Until now, I had never witnessed the upheaval Breast Cancer can create in ones life. Emotionally, financially, and physically damaging, it is evil. That is why K and G Cycles ( carries products from companies that supports research in an effort to one day finding a cure, and advancing the treatments so one day they aren’t so invasive.  I for one, know I will be purchasing one or more of the pieces above to show my Sister-in-Law I am here for her. Love ya Serbina!

Safety, Increased Visibility, and Compliance from 1 Vest

   As the distracted driving collision rate continues to rise, motorcycle riders everywhere are made all too aware by near misses, full impact, and fatal result accidents. What can we do to make ourselves more visible? One of the few choices we have is to start wearing hi visibility gear, and even that won’t ensue our complete safety. K and G Cycles ( knows it is tough to be a motorcycle rider these days so we want to take every opportunity to offer you products to enhance your visibility.

military-vest   Safety Equipment shouldn’t be uncomfortable, after all, you should want to wear it. This offering from FirstGear (Part # TR-512949) brings together extra visibility for your commute as well as fulfilling the requirements for Military and Government Installation safety guidelines. The highly visible reflective material allows oncoming traffic to spot you 1000 yards away. This ensures maximum visibility Day or Night. Take a look at some of the great features this Vest has to offer.

  • Removable double window hook and loop ID/Badge holder – allows easy access to identification
  • Integrated stuff bag for stowing away when not in use – stow and go design simplifies storage
  • Fully adjustable hook and loop side tabs allow a wide range of fit control to accommodate almost any protective riding jacket – perfect fit
  • Double layer, 250Denier poly-mesh shell ensures maximum air flow without added insulation to your riding jacket
  • Durable ribbed knit collar for added comfort
  • Zipper secured Front and Rear storage pockets – plenty of storage and easy access too
  • 2-year limited warranty – speaks volumes about this vest

   Whether you just want to be more visible in traffic or you are complying with base standards, the Military Spec Vest from FirstGear is the right choice. Available at K and G Cycles ( this Dayglo vest will surely get you noticed, and not in a bad way.

What Controls you? Chrome or Black?

   With so many items that are begging to be customized, one of the most eye catching mods is replacing the control switches or switch housings. Even on a bone stock bike, this can have an amazing effect. No matter what model you ride, K and G Cycles ( can help you make the transformation that will have you grinning every time you grab the bars.

  So many of us want to change out the Switches and Housings so you have Chrome on Chrome. Some of us that bought a pre-owned ride want to take it to all Black. Changing out such small items may not seem like it will make a big difference, but one of the first areas we look at on a bike is the view from the seat. Regardless if it is ours or not, we want to “see” what it would look like if we were in the saddle and the bars are in our line of sight. One of the best times to swap the housings and switches is if we have decided to change out the handlebars or the grips. At minimum the switch housings are removed, so what better time to make the change. When replacing the switches, the switch caps. levers, and more, you will want to make sure this job isn’t beyond your skill level. Switches equal wiring, while Caps equal a steady hand. Don’t forget the brakes will need attention too. Chrome handlebar control kit # 22-0823 with 9/16″ bore master cylinder features (Black Kit is Part # 22-1162):

  •  Hidden undersblack controls22-1162ide mount on the switch housings for an unobstructed smooth, rounded surface on the top housing
  • Chrome Brake and Clutch Levers
  • Chrome Master Cylinder
  • Chrome Switch housings
  • All necessary brackets and hardware for single disc application.

Fits Harley-Davidson models:

  • FXST 1996-2006
  • FLST 1996-2006
  • FXD 1996-2005
  • XL 1996-2003

   Regardless of your decision, you will love the looks the new chrome controls give your ride. We have a large variety to cover a range of applications so contact K and G Cycles ( today and we will get you pointed in the right direction to realizing your dreams.

It’s Time to Upgrade the Brakes on your XL

   Does it seem harder and harder to bring your bike to a stop? Do you have a lot of miles on your bike? Is there a brake pad upgrade available for your motorcycle? All these are great questions that can be answered with a “Yes”, but there is much more to be considered.  There is no shortage of replacement brake pad manufacturers who are offering everything from OEM style replacement brakes to high performance brakes and everything between.  The terminology related to brakes nowadays can be confusing at best, so we will discuss them briefly and what they offer.  K and G Cycles ( has a full line up of quality brake parts to fit your needs at a great price.
Another option ceramic pads 23-0186available to today’s motorcyclist is Ceramic pads, the next step in Brake Pad Upgrades, an excellent choice for the more aggressive rider. With the increase ability does come an increased purchase price.

    • For moderately aggressive, sport street riding, and off road
    • Advanced ceramic composites ready to withstand higher temperatures than regular Semi-Metallic carbon brake pads
    • HH friction rated compounds deliver excellent feel and modulation.
    • Capable of handling almost any type of riding you throw at them

   In addition to upgrading your brake pads, you might consider replacing your brake fluid too. Contaminants such as dirt and moisture will break down the fluid over time, and now is a good time to flush the lines and  replace it if you are replacing your brake pads Whether your pads are worn out, you want increased performance, or have a track bike, there is a brake pad that will meet your demands at K and G Cycles (

Lower Fork Covers = Custom Look and an Easy Install

We all take pride in making our rides look good and want to do so without breaking the bank. With that said, K and G Cycles ( is always looking to deliver affordable accessories that allow the DIY’er the chance to transform their bike with ease. Personal customization is part of what makes owning a motorcycle fun. Adding Chrome, increasing performance, upgrading audio, and more. It’s what we all love to do to make our motorcycle different from the next. Kuryakyn is one company that is all about personal customization, and that is why I am going to show you a piece from them that will make your ride even more beautiful.

Unless you purchasedfork covers kuryakyn 7768  a CVO H-D, your ride has the same brushed aluminum lower fork legs installed on it just like everyone else. Sure you could shell out a small fortune to upgrade to the Chrome Front End Package from Milwaukee, but again, you’d look like the others. Why not go after a unique look, and keep a lot of money in your pocket? You can install these lower leg covers and ultimately protect your lower legs & keep them looking good! These lower fork leg accents (Part # TR-419100) are smothered in irresistible chrome so deep you may just get a glimpse at your soul. They not only have great looks, but they also protect your factory lower fork legs from the notorious “sand blasting” caused by road debris. Installation is effortless, no tools are required and that translates into no labor cost to have them installed. As always, you will want to follow the included instructions for the best results possible. In the end, you get affordable customization that sets your bike apart from the rest.

When you decide to take a ride down “Customization Boulevard”and want a set of Lower Leg Accents,  contact the fine folks at K and G Cycles ( for all your needs. We carry everything you need to make your two wheeled dreams come true.

Soft Lowers deliver Protection in an Instant

   Do you sometimes wonder what the black material on some of the engine guards is and why its there? Chances you are talking about what are commonly called Soft Lowers or Soft Lower Fairings. Each manufacturer has their own pet name for them, but the public refers to them as soft lowers. The main reason you see them on many bikes is they are a quick, easy, inexpensive device that provides protection from the elements. K and G Cycles ( carries a version called Desert Dawgs from Leader Motorcycle huge selection of these personal protection devices.

  Desert Dawgs sdesert dawgs 111erve a multitude of purposes. For starters, they are a cold weather wind block. This helps divert a large amount of cold air away from the riders lower legs making the ride “warmer”.  Another service provided is keeping Road Slime off the rider. You know the stuff that gets kicked up from the front wheel after it has rained or while it is raining. One advantage each and everyone of us can appreciate is it’s ability to catch bugs, keeping them off the chrome and the riders legs. Yet another really cool aspect of Desert Dawgs Soft Lowers is the ease of installation and removal, with nothing more than a combination of some snaps, a clip or two, and some velcro. These babies are made to last too with Brass and Stainless Snaps, as well as being sewn with nylon thread for strength and durability. Also for versatility, many have built in slits that accommodate highway pegs most of us have installed. Emphasizing the leading word “Soft” it means you can fold them away when they aren’t in use. This means you can pack them away and only deploy them when you need. Now that my friends is a great product! Check out the great features…

• Minimize cold updrafts

• Repel road spray from front wheel and flared front fender

• Keep bug juice off motorcycle chrome (and legs!)

• Allow engine cooling – NO temperature restriction!

• Easy on-and-off – three snaps, belt clip and hook-and-loop attachments

• Does not affect bike handling

• Brass and stainless steel snaps won’t rust

• Nylon thread makes for the strongest product you can buy

• Accommodates all standard foot peg settings (6-inch opening)

   At K and G Cycles ( we are riders just like you. We search for products designed for Riders by Riders. Desert Dawgs soft lowers could have only been designed by a rider because of the simplicity involved. There is no way they these could have been hatched in a Board Room or in a Wind Tunnel.

Storage Designed for the Forgotten Space on Your Bike

   At one time or another we discover there is not enough room on a motorcycle to stash all of our travel necessities. That frustration builds to a more fevered pitch when you include the passenger. Our story begins back in 2008 when Lisa and Jim came home with a Touring Bike from their local H-D dealer. It was at that time Lisa learned she could store quite a bit of stuff inside the back flap of the Rider Backrest on their new bike. All was good with the world. Well fast forward to 2011 when James came home with a new bike. The bike itself was not a big deal, the redesigned Rider Backrest was. Gone was the storage capability found in the previous model and that brought with it a lot of upset. This simply wouldn’t do so Lisa set out to remedy the situation. After searching high and low and near and far, it was realized she needed to produce a solution. The Bone Mountain Backrest Organizer was born! The end result of over 3,000 miles of research and development in weather conditions that ranged from 100° +  days to 20° mountain nights. In addition countless hours of conversations with riders and passengers were logged along the way. Like most new products, there were a few developmental versions and the most functional design was selected. Using the most durable materials they created a product that is weather-resistant while allowing comfortable use on and off the motorcycle.

   Because K abone-adnd G Cycles  ( is constantly in search of amazing new products we are proud to welcome Bone Mountain on board. Born out of necessity, Bone Mountain Motor Gear was launched and passenger convenience was once again available. This time with a twist. The Bones had designed extra storage into a simple to use Rider Backrest cover. Instead of a small pocket in the back side, you have the option of a pocket plus two pouches and a netted beverage sleeve. Now that you have a well designed stash location for your gear, what do you do when you reach your destination? Here comes the clever part – you attach the supplied strap, pull it off the bike and now the ladies have a handy over the shoulder bag. How’s that for convenience? You never have to leave your belongings on the bike.

High points include:

  •  Made in the USA
  • Drink holder with velcro strap to keep it securely in place
  • Smaller pockets for camera, wallet or cell phone and more
  • Large interior pocket
  • Adjustable strap included

   Wanting to offer up the same convenience to riders of other bikes, this model also fits multiple backrests, including:

  • Signature Series Seat w/ Rider Backrest (Softail)
  • Short Passenger Backrest Pads (Touring)
  • H-D Adjustable Rider Backrest (’09-’13)
  • H-D Fixed Rider Backrest (’09-’13)
  • Most Round Bar Passenger Backrest Pads (Dyna)

   With the Bonebone on the bike Mountain Motor Gear Backrest Organizer, your passenger no longer has a limit to their travel possessions, nor do they need to juggle them while riding down the road. They will thank you for the addition to the bike and for increasing their comfort during the ride. Gone are the days of “Honey can you hand me the ……. out of the windshield bag” or ” We’ve got to go back, I dropped ……”  They are now responsible for their own travel goodies. Contact K and G Cycles ( and order up your own Bone Mountain Backrest Organizer.

Is there such a thing as a Performance Windshield?

   Do you ever wonder why you see so many different windshields on motorcycles? Some change them to get a different look on the bike. Others change them depending on their height so they can be more protected or end up having more wind in their face. Regardless of your choice, the wind STILL gets you, unless you have installed a Klock Werks “Flare” windshield, available from K and G Cycles ( You might ask, “What does their windshield do that the others don’t?” When the “Flare” was developed, its main goal was to provide increased stability at higher speeds, even racing at Bonneville. This was able due to the design re-directing the air over the outer edge (hips as Klock Werks calls them) providing increased downward pressure to the front of the motorcycle, increasing the stability at speed. The rolled top (flip by Klock Werks dictionary) of the “Flare” is designed to flip the air up, calming the flow, allowing smooth, clean air for the rider.

   Some things you might not know about the “Flare” windshield from Klock Werks

  • Fits 1996-2012 FLHklock werksT, FLHTC, FLHTCU, FLHX, FLHTK, and FL Trike Models, and have pre-drilled mounting holes making installation easy while using the stock hardware. There are also some 6.5” versions available for older models.
  • Due to the design, it is recommended proper windshield height be at a level that allows you to see over the top, rather than looking through it.
  • 3.5″ height is designed for riders accustomed to a shorter windscreen.
  • 6.5″ height was the first style created for batwing style fairings, and works great for the average height rider. This windshield does not accept 3 pouch windshield bags, or GPS units.
  • 8.5″ height blends the sporty style of the 6.5″ with taller touring height of the 11.5″. This size seems to be better for taller riders, and works with 3 pouch windshield bags or a GPS
  • 11.5″ is the tallest model. Comparable height to a stock FLH windshield, offering full coverage for riders that prefer that, yet maintains the down force and features of the FLARE.
  • All of Klock Werks Flare Windshields are measured from the center bolt hole to the start of the flip on the top of the windshield, setting a standard for measurement.
  • When deciding which FLARE will work for you, remember, a shorter FLARE will outperform a stock windshield that is even 2″ taller because of its design and the way it routes the air.
  • Lexan® Polycarbonate with FMR hard coating is used in the creation of these custom-molded designs to provide unparalleled durability.
  • FLARES have been wind tunnel designed and tested. The “hips” provide added down force while the “flip” directs air over the rider to virtually eliminate the swirl of air found in front of the rider common with standard windshields.
  • Keep in mind when selecting a FLARE windshield, the black, chrome, and black chrome windshields are completely opaque, you cannot see through them. This could potentially be a hazard.
  • Clean-up is simple, soap and water. If you want, you can follow up with polish such as Novus or Plexus. Do Not use petroleum based or ammonia based cleaners including rain sheeting products!
  • Saving the best for last, Klock Werks windshields are made in the U.S.A. – Mitchell, South Dakota.

These are some of the customer testimonials taken directly from Klock Werks website regarding the “FLARE” windshield:

  • From Johnie  (Rock Hill, SC) “I just had the 8.5 inch Flare installed on my 2011 Ultra Classic and man was I blown away what difference it made.  It is awesome.  I’m going to tell all my friends that ride to invest in one of these windshields.  Thanks for the great product you designed.”
  • From Jim Sehnert -  The 11.5″ Klock Werks Flare Windshield worked just great.  I installed it in Utah, and used it through the entire trip of 22,000 miles.  8,400 miles of it during the HOKA HEY Challenge.  It did a terrific job of keeping stones and bugs above me.  It gave me the protection from the rain also that I needed.  All kinds of weather was experienced during this run.  The height was just right to allow me to see through it or over it as needed.  Thanks again for your support.

       Klock Werks FLARES, available at K and G Cycles (, not only fit the FL fairing bikes from Harley, they are available for the entire line up, as well as Victory motorcycles. So pick one up today and feel the difference.

Hopnel makes packing your Bike Easy!

   There comes a point in time when every biker takes an inventory of their wants and needs. It seems one category that is high on the list of priorities is luggage. Whether it is acquiring your first set or replacing the old, K and G Cycles ( has just what you need to simplify packing and travel. Saddlebag and Tour Pack luggage inserts are a great way to keep everything together and they make toting your goods so much easier. I want to show you the possible combinations of the inserts we have available.

   For those only netrunk liner HTL-01eding or wanting just an insert for the top case, Part # BBP-HTL is the Trunk Liner by Hopnel. Known the industry over for award winning luggage designs, Hopnel Trunk Liners are a great addition for any touring motorcycle. They making loading and unloading your bike a breeze. Crafted from sturdy urethane coated, weather resistant polyester, these bags are built for the long haul. Featuring convenient carrying handles making the liners versatile and user friendly. With dimensions of 22″L x 12.5″H x 11.5″W, this bag will work in almost any Tour Pack.

   Next for the indsaddlebag-inserts-HDSL ividual without a Tour Pack or only needing to replace the saddlebag liners, we proudly offer Hopnel Part # BBP-HDSL. Offering the same great construction as the Tour Pack liner, they slip right into the saddlebags with ease giving you that same hassle free removal and installation of your luggage. Pick up a pair, one for you and one for your passenger. This will avoid the constant battle of “You’ve got more room than I do.” plus it makes them responsible for their own part of the bike.

   Lastly, for th3 pc luggage BBP-SPLHDTLose that need the whole kit and caboodle, you will want to Hopnel Part # BBP-SPLHDTL, the Trunk Liner and Saddlebag Liner Kit. Packaged all in one, this kit is a must have for anyone wanting to be able to fully utilize their storage compartments. You can safely use the saddlebags and tour pack to the fullest potential. Even though this Smart Luggage Kit is affordably priced around $50.00, don’t let the price fool you. Quality is a standard with Hopnel.

  Hopnel designs some of the best bags on the market. They are made of tough materials that give you a long lasting bag that can take quite a bit of punishment. Contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( today and pre-order yours today so when the season opens up, you are ready to hit the road.

A Gas Cap can be The Finishing Touch

   Whatever you ride, chances are you have the boring stock Gas Cap still on there just like everybody else. What if you’ve installed a custom paint set and reused the same old cap? Sure it doesn’t seem like a big deal but changing the gas cap can have a profound effect on the look of the bike. From high polished chrome to gloss and flat black, brushed aluminum, and cast designs, as well as pop-up and aircraft design gas caps K and G Cycles ( carries all sorts of styles with one sure to fit your bike and taste.

   Gas caps comblack gas caps 38-0462e in wide variety of designs along with a good range of prices that allow you to customize your bike for for a small fee or top off that awesome one of a kind paint set. The simplest version is a threaded cap that is a direct replacement for your factory cap and will usually come in Chrome, Black, or Polished finishes.  Your options don’t end there, you have just crossed into the custom side. From here on out, it is not as easy as removing the cap, drilling or welding often accompanies these gas caps. If you choose the flush mount gas caps, you get a high-tech look with either a pop-up design or an aviation style “keyed” entry. Some of the flush mount caps have threaded necks which allow you to merely remove your stock cap and thread the new on in place, while others bolt in or need to be welded in place for a proper installation. The end result is the same, a custom look that stands apart from the others.

   One the most overlooked items to replace when customizing your bike is definitely the gas cap because we see it as a utility piece, and utility is not supposed to be pretty. We here at K and G Cycles ( like to throw convention out the window, that is why we offer a large selection of Gas Caps at great prices.